Zolton[1] is an archaeologist after the Scarlet Scarab. Zolton is proud to find the tomb of king Moctezuma I, when world's leading archaeologists haven't found it with decades of searching. But just as he is about to reach out and grab the Scarlet Scarab, Lara Croft snatched it away. Zolton ordered his mercenaries to kill Lara. Lara dropped the Scarlet Scarab, and Zolton got hold of it. Zolton then wanted his assistant Rodrigo to take a picture of him with it for a newspaper. Rodrigo however tricked Zolton, and stole the Scarlet Scarab, and used it to resurrect Moctezuma. Rodrigo orders Moctezuma to sacrifice Zolton. In a chase Lara accidentally drops a rock on Zolton, and he misses the final battle between Lara and Moctezuma. Zolton exits the tomb, and when Lara emerges, he asks her to be his new partner. Lara gives him an answer in a form of a punch, and just walks away.



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