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The World War II was a major conflict between many nations.


During World War II, a contingent of the Imperial Japanese military rediscovered Yamatai, a long-lost island that was once the heart of an ancient Japanese civilization. A Japanese scientific expedition was allowed to study the island's constant, unnatural storms in the hopes of learning how to control them for use as a weapon in the war. At least some US soldiers and one covert Trinity operative arrived with the expedition, and when Trinity and the US Goverment learned that the Axis powers were close to acquiring the "Star Phenomenon", the supernatural source of the storms, the soldiers and the operative was ordered to sabotage the expedition to prevent this from happening. It is known that Trinity and the Allies made it and stopped the Axis forces, but in the end they were wiped out completely by the Oni.


USMC Dogtags- For USMC soldiers.

Japanese Dogtags- For Japanese soldiers.


Tomb Raider (2013) (mentioned only)


Wartime Intelligence