Weapon Parts are collectible items found in the Survivor Timeline of Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider Edit

Weapon Parts can be found for all firearm/projectile weapons. They are found in salvage crates and in the final box in a Tomb. Parts are somewhat randomly generated; they are used to make more powerful versions of weapons.

Competition Bow

Bow Parts Edit

Finding the first two bow parts could upgrade the Makeshift Longbow to the Recurve Bow.

Finding the next three parts will upgrade the Compound Bow to the Competition Bow.

Magnum TR2013

Handgun Parts Edit

Handgun parts are then are used to upgrade the Tactical Pistol to the Magnum Pistol. Three Parts must be found.

Rifle Parts Edit

The first three rifle parts will upgrade the WWII Submachine Gun to the Assault Rifle.

Three more parts will upgrade the Assault Rifle to the Commando Rifle.

Combat Shotgun

Shotgun Parts Edit

Three shotgun parts will upgrade the Trench Shotgun to the Pump-Action Shotgun.

Three more parts will upgrade the Pump-Action Shotgun to the Combat Shotgun.

Part Locations Edit

The part locations are partially randomly generated, and can be founded in salvage crates, and in tombs.

  • Hall of Ascension
  • Tomb of Judgement
  • Tomb of the Handmaidens
  • Mountain Village
  • Chasm Monastery
  • Village Plateau
  • Shanty Town
  • Solarii Fortress
  • Shipwreck Beach
  • Cliffside Bunker
  • Research Base

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

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