Vasco was a warlord who sought the power of the Mirror of Smoke.

He is a minor antagonist in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Biography Edit

Vasco built a reputation as a Warlord in Central America. The legend of the Mirror of Smoke and the power it would bestow upon the wielder lead Vasco to seek it out, though he spent years searching and was unable to locate it.

When he learned that Lara Croft, the noted archaeologist was seeking the mirror, he followed her in hopes of finally getting his hands on the Mirror.

When Lara found the Mirror's resting place, Vasco's men held Lara at gunpoint. Either not knowing about, or not believing in the curse, took the mirror from it's place and released Xolotl, who promptly slaughtered Vasco and his men.


Trivia Edit

  • Although it is presumed that Vasco is Mexican or South American it's also possible that he's Italian, as the name also has roots in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.