The Turkish Guide is an unnamed man who Lara hired to take her into Syria.

Biography Edit

He was contacted by Lara Croft, who wanted him to help her illegally cross into Syria in order to search for the Tomb of the Deathless Prophet.

The guide was approached by Trinity who paid him for information about Lara. He willingly told them what they wanted to know.

At the border, he warned Lara that it was a warzone beyond, Lara insisted he continue en route. A helicopter makes several passes by them, though he insisted it was just the local militia, however Lara immediately realised he sold her out, before the chopper suddenly open fired on them. He tried to evade the bullets, but was killed in the second barrage of bullets. Unable to keep the jeep under control, it veered off road and rolled, Lara escaped before it exploded, destroying his body.