Tuckerman was a lieutenant in the Australian army.


Crash LandingEdit

"Our air-carrier crashed up in the mountains. Every night some of my men would vanish without a trace, others fled in fear."
―Australian Commander[src]

In 1998, Lieutenant Tuckerman was a part of a group of soldiers in the Australian army that were travelling to an unknown destination when their air-carrier crash landed somewhere in the South Pacific Islands. How the air-carrier crashed is unclear. The situation was not good for the soldiers. Around them were savage tribesmen and deadly dinosaurs. Exploring the area around the crash site, Tuckerman was killed by velociraptors. On his person, he carried a key that could operate a turret back at the air-carrier. Later, Lara Croft arrives and takes the key. With another key from the also dead Commander Bishop, she makes use of the turret to deal with opposition and assist the surviving soldiers.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara CroftEdit


  • Lieutenant Tuckerman's model is identical to that of Commander Bishop and all of the other Australian soldiers. The only unique Australian soldier model is that of the commander that Lara meets at the end of Coastal Village.