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The Triangle of Light is an artifact that appears in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.


The Triangle of Light was forged from a meteor by the ancient People of the Light. It's great powers of time and space brought destruction to the City of Light, and in the end was divided into two pieces by the surviving monks of the Triangle Temple, and placed at separate ends of the earth. The Clock was created as a key to the location of the two halves, the Clock only starts working close to the planetary alignments.

The first of two halves was placed in the Tomb Of The Dancing Light in Cambodia where a Jasmine Flower only grows.

The second piece was placed in the Temple Of Ten Thousand Shadows in Siberia in a large arctic cave system.


The Illuminati sect of Venice, began an extensive search for the two halves of the Triangle of Light. The clock was procured by Lord Richard Croft, who hid it from the Illuminati.

Both parts of the triangle's locations have familiar which pin point's the object's whereabouts to wholesome seekers. Lara Croft encountered both familiars in 2001 and procured both pieces of the triangle.

The triangle was reforged by Manfred Powell a member of the Illuminati in 2001 in the Temple Of Ten Thousand Shadows. It was destroyed by Lara Croft along with the forger Manfred Powell.