""Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha""
―Tony laughing hysterically.[src]

Tony was a researcher from the research and mining company RX- Tech working for Dr. Mark Willard. He was the first evil adversary Lara faced in Tomb Raider III.

Meeting with LaraEdit

TR3 Cutscene - Lara meets Tony

TR3 Cutscene - Lara meets Tony

Lara's first encounter with Tony

Tony was sent with two more researchers Randy and Rory to find a meteorite artifact called the Infada Stone in India.

The researcher went insane either by Jungle Fever or from being stuck in the dangerous jungle for too long.

Archeologist Lara Croft who also has interest in the artifact finds their campsite and hears a muffled radio of his former employer Dr. Willard trying to contact him in frustration. She also hears Tony cheering and finds him coming out of his tent preparing to escape, she asks him about the location of the Infada Stone in the strange temple.

The crazed scientist tells her saying that Randy and Rory are still in the temple probably dead and he is leaving this place once and for all.

He goes on saying that Lara would probably die there too and with a hysterical laugh he runs away, leaving her alone in the jungle.

Infada StoneEdit

Tomb Raider 3 cutscene Temple Ruins

Tomb Raider 3 cutscene Temple Ruins

Tony Escaping

When Lara enters the temple she finds Randy and Rory dead. Tony steals the artifact and embeds it in his chest like the Dagger of Xian and runs away.

Lara tracks him down to the River Ganges and tries to shoot him but the insane researcher uses his new powers to break away the pillars above Lara nearly crushing her and escapes on a raft.

Lara catches up with him using one of the researchers' Quad Bikes and finds him in the dark and dangerous Caves of Kaliya.

She finds Tony in a cavern who laughs and makes the place more dangerous with lethal water. He hurls fireballs at Lara who dodges them and after she shoots him, he collapses and explodes in an eerie orange light leaving the Infada Stone behind for her to obtain.


Tomb Raider III Adventures of Lara CroftEdit


Tomb Raider III Adventures of Lara CroftEdit

Meeting Lara

  • "Whoohoo!"
  • "What!? What do you want from me now?"
  • "If you'd all stop, I might be just fine! Just a hundred percent... just..." (groans and holds his head)
  • "All you, hundreds of you. Talking and chattering and breaking my brain up..."
  • "Voodoo magic an' all huh? I don't touch the stuff myself."
  • "Yeah, Randy and Rory... peeesh."
  • "Well, they're staying put. In that temple. I told em' not to, warned em' first. Not doing much now I doubt, under half a ton of mudslide. Me? I'm leavin'. The next bus out. This jungle has rooted enough rot into me. I'd offer the same advice to you but you don't seem the type to take it, to care if I said you're gonna die here. (laughs) Yeah... die!"


  • In the level file for Caves of Kaliya, Tony is named 'Tony Firehands'. This probably isn't Tony's last name but a pun on the fact that he can shoot fire from his hands when using the Infada Stone.