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Tomb Raider Reloaded is an upcoming free to play mobile game developed by Emerald City Games and published by Square Enix London[1]. On December 3rd, 2020[4], Tomb Raider Reloaded soft-launched through the Google Play Store in the Philippines, South East Asia and Thailand for beta testing. On an update 0.8.0 Sweden and Ireland were added. Canada was added to the country list in update 0.11.0.


Similar to Tomb Raider (1996) and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Lara Croft is accosted by mercenary Larson Conway in Calcutta, India, at the request of his boss, Natla. Natla informs Lara that she has found the City of Vilcabamba, the resting place of the legendary Atlantean Scion. Tempted by the thrill of another adventure, Lara travels to Peru.


Note: Since the game is in beta, things are subject to changes.

Tomb Raider Reloaded is a top-down action-adventure shooter. The player controls Lara's movement, but she shoots enemies automatically when stationary. The player progresses through the different stages in each chapter. Gaining a character level rewards the player with the choice of 1 of 3 passive skills, the character level restarts each playthough. In certain stages, Anaya Imanu waits Lara offering the choice of healing skills or a passive skill. Werner Von Croy appears if a boss is killed without getting hit once. Von Croy offers a passive skill in exchange of 20% of the player's health. The player is allowed one revive in a playthough in exchange for 30 premium currency, the gems, or for free by watching an ad, there are three free revives per day. The game has a gear system, items can be leveled up with manuals and upgraded with three of the same item type. Gear has five rarity types: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The game features in-app purchases for gems, which can be used to open loot boxes for gear or buy ingame currency, the coins. There is a Lucky Wheel mini-game offering a chance for coins or skills, which appears at the start of a chapter, and once a boss is defeated. A variation of the Lucky Wheel is Special Wheel, which appear right after completing Lucky Wheel, but only five times in a day. Special Wheel offers a chance at obtaining gems. In later updates A Lucky Wheel was added after defeating a Chapter final boss, offering only gems and one loot box after update 0.10.0. Chapters use tickets to enter, with the amount of tickets needed increasing as the game progresses. Player can hold a maximum of 20 tickets, regenerating one every five minutes. The 20 ticket limit will be exceeded, when the tickets are obtained from daily logins or daily dash rewards.[5]






  • This is the first game to reference Larson's surname, Conway. He had been given this name by fans following the release of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, though no official source prior to Reloaded had referred to him as such.
  • Reloaded marks Keeley Hawes' first appearance since 2014's Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.
  • Producer Ed Perkins has teased additional characters will join Anaya and Werner as assists in the game.[6]

Update History[]


  • From now on you can save your progress via Google Play games in the game settings menu.
  • Ultimate bar now appears after upgrading your equipment
  • Various crashes and freezes are fixed in different parts of the game
  • No more errors when upgrading your gear
  • Epic/Legendary shotgun ability is now working properly
  • Spear deals the right amount damage now
  • Burn and Poison shot abilities deal damage over time as they should
  • Stun ability now stuns enemies
  • Spike traps deal damage now
  • Spider boss drops webs that slows Lara down
  • Keto Hull gets replaced by shards once it's collected as it should
  • Broken door animation is fixed
  • In-game notifications and upgrade button are fixed
  • Gem icon in the revive screen is visible again
  • Fixed overlapping text in several windows
  • Description for all agile amulets added
  • Removed time limit from the in-game shop for gem packs
  • Several UI issues fixed
  • Sound/music effects fixed
  • Several Unhandled Exceptions error pop ups fixed
  • Several visual issues, including shrunk Lara, fixed
  • Added descriptions to info buttons for several items
  • Reward screen now showing rewards gained
  • The game won't lock anymore when accessing the store in the offline mode.


  • Framerate optimizations across different devices for a smoother gameplay experience
  • Fixed a bug whereby units got stuck and dealt damage to Lara
  • Lara won't get stuck in the early sections of Chapter 1 anymore
  • Default weapon gear stats and upgraded outfit stats are now correctly applied after loading a saved account from Google Play.


  • NEW Exploration rewards for reaching milestones
  • An improved Tutorial experience
  • Ability balancing changes
  • Difficulty balancing changes for Chapters 3-5
  • Fair play - Added a pop up informing wrongdoers about an account ban


General fixes[]
  • When force closing the game you will be able to resume your previous run again
  • The game now shows correct Attack and Max HP stats after loading a saved account
  • After finishing a run your level will be correctly updated
  • Fixed several descriptions, buttons and info texts
  • Fixed issues when some players could not access the store
Crafting fixes[]
  • Fixed issue with crafting when players could not craft gear due to a bug that automatically updated gear levels. Since the bug is fixed, the gear will show the correct level now.
  • Crafting displays gear information now (stats and abilities)
Ads fixes[]
  • Fixed an issue when some players got a black screen after watching an ad
  • Fixed Lara's animation when she is being revived by watching an ad
Gameplay fixes[]
  • Fire breathing turrets' visual effect now correctly matches their hit boxes
  • Traps – blades in the Chapter 3 won't get stuck anymore
  • The Devil ability screen shows the correct sacrifice number now
  • Fixed several rooms when enemies got stuck and still dealt damage
  • It won't be possible to accidentally close the reward wheel anymore
  • Improved performance when using Lightning shot ability in a room full of enemies
General performance fixes[]
  • Fixed loading issues
  • Fixed several visual bugs, crashes, freezes or issues when Lara gets stuck in a room
  • Fixed issues when some players could not save their progress via GooglePlay
Offline mode fixes[]
  • No more errors when opening in-game messages
  • Fixed an issue when some players could not revive Lara with gems and got stuck on the revive screen


  • Store improvements – texts, navigation, buttons, scrolling functionality, timers
  • Notifications improvements – text, visuals, timings
  • Sound improvements
Abilities balancing changes[]
  • Increased chance to get Critical master ability
  • Increased chance to get Multishot ability
  • Removed minor buffs from the level up pool
  • Slightly reduced Attack buff
  • Slightly reduced Attack Speed buff
Difficulty balancing changes for Chapters 3-5[]
  • Increased Knifethrower base attack damage
  • Shaman fire is introduced sooner, at Stage 3
  • Fire Shaman casts Fireballs faster
  • Decreased wave spawn and proximity mines' damage
  • Fixed swing Axe damage
  • Slightly increased enemy damage


New Chapter 6[]

  • Fly to Greece to visit St. Francis Folly chapel and discover a new Relic piece: Owl Head (Revive with increased Attack power).
  • Bunch of new enemies
  • 3 new abilities:
    • Fury: Increase Damage while at low HP.
    • Rage: Increase Attack Speed while at low HP.
    • Agility: Increase Extra Dodge while at low HP.

Daily Dash Challenges[]

  • Complete Daily challenges
  • Achieving your Daily Challenges grants Dash Stamps
  • To unlock Weekly Dash Crate you need certain amount of Dash Stamps


  • Get some extra materials for gear upgrades without breaking a sweat The Workshop picks a random Gear from your inventory and generates Ores for that equipment
  • Ores are produced on timely cycle
  • Cycles slow down over time by working on the same equipment.
  • To change the gear material and to refresh the cycle, all you need is to collect the accumulated Ore.


  • Gameplay - Fixed issue when freezing the spider boss made it possible to finish the room before it split
  • Gameplay - projectiles won't be blocked by traps anymore
  • Graphics – the light/shadow effects on certain devices were fixed
  • Ability – Invincibility description is fixed
  • Devil – no more crashes
  • Ads – fixed unresponsive button and game freezing after watching an ad
  • Animations - Fixed several transition animation when Lara moves from room to room
  • Tutorial - players won't get stuck anymore
  • Fixed a bunch of other smaller bugs and improved FPS on some devices.


Android: Available countries: Thailand, Philippines, Sweden, Australia, Ireland
iOS: Thailand

Relic system Update[]

  • Relic distribution has changed in the Chapters. From now on your Relics are tied to a country Lara can travel to (currently it's Peru and Greece) to not just specific Chapters. You can check the available Relics in each chapter's description.
  • Not every puzzle room will have a Relic, it's up to a chance.
  • The further you progress through the chapters the higher the probability that you discover a Relic piece. This means that you will have a highest chance to find a Relic piece in Chapter 5 in Peru than in chapters 1-4.
  • Effects changes:

Effects changes.png


  • Daily login rewards!
  • New exciting rewards waiting for you to claim every day, without any grind or sweat.


  • Daily Dash challenges balancing – More reasonable tasks
  • Outfit – increased HP per level, reduced Attack bonus
  • Gear – Light Supply - dodge chance decreased
  • Gear – Long Range Ammo - dodge chance decreased
  • Ability – Dodge Master – trigger chance decreased to avoid OP situations in the future
  • Ability – Crit Master – trigger chance decreased, removed limitation on how many times it can be triggered
  • Devil – removed minor buffs
  • Levels – added Treasure chest one Stage before bosses (except of the final boss for each chapter)
  • Levels – some stages were swapped
  • Enemies – Rats – increased idle time
  • Enemies – Spiders – their speed is reduced in the tutorial


  • Tooltip improvements
  • Improvements in the initial stages of the game
  • Loading - The initial assets downloading is now faster as it will be done that during the first few minutes of the gameplay. This means that the game might run a bit slower at first.
  • Text - fixed several pop ups, descriptions and tool tips
  • Ads
  • No shards at the end of a run
  • Fixed several pop-ups (Unhandled exceptions, Server Error 1 pop ups, etc.) Updated abilities descriptions UI fixes
  • Fixed the issue with Spider boss that will allow to continue to the next room between it splits
  • Fixed issue with Nova ability using grenades instead of projectiles in certain situations
  • Fixed some accounts that were stuck in Tutorial
  • Fixed some abilities that were constantly repeated in the Wheel
  • Fixed several instances when linking an account to google play did not work
  • Fixed a bug when enemies are killed by damage over time effect but did not trigger Nova
  • Fixed Lara focusing on an enemy despite an object in between blocking the view
  • Fixed Tendril Plant's damage

NOTE: All Relics' levels will be reset. Compensation via an in-game message.



  • Tutorial now provides better first time experience
  • Description, tool tips and graphic improvements were added
  • Graphics improvements – Stages, icons, health bars are not covered anymore, Lara's model in the hub has better quality now, Nova ability, etc.
  • Log in calendar – text, visuals improvements
  • Puzzle rooms in the first Chapters got several small improvements
  • Visibility – several types of enemies now have better visibility and don't blend into the environment


  • Daily Dash tasks are now more balanced and achievable
  • Some Daily Dash tasks were removed – clear room in 2 minutes, Achieve low accuracy, etc.
  • Blueprints are removed from the crates
  • Gear HP increased to scale better with Attack
  • Gear Attack now follows the rarity system (Gear attack base/upgrade by rarity)
  • Gear upgrade balancing changed levels 1-10 upgrade costs to 2 materials and 500 coins as base, levels 11-20 upgrade cost changed to 7 materials
  • Decreased Account XP requirements and slightly increased gems drop in the first runs
  • Lowered damage and HP of enemies in the first few Chapters
  • Added Lucky Wheel after every final boss of every Chapter
  • Free coin pack now increases as you clear Chapters
  • Free coin pack is now available for ads


  • Giant spider is now immune to all crowd control effects
  • Recalibrated mobs hit box area when Lara bumps into them
  • Bat swarm boss now spawns bats more often
  • Bat swarm boss HP was recalculated
  • Baby Golem, Archers and Wolves now attack faster and are less idle


  • Notifications – several notifications are fixed
  • Lucky wheel – fixed the exploit
  • Boss – When using freeze ability the Devil will not appear before defeating the Spider Boss
  • Relics – Bonus for completing a relic will now be correctly applied
  • Gameplay – Lara won't get stuck in the puzzle room anymore (Chapter 5, Stage 6)
  • Error pop ups – fixed
  • Server loading times – opening crates and upgrading should be much faster now
  • Tooltips – tons of descriptions fixed
  • Gameplay – Lara will target enemies better, especially in Ch2/stage16 and CH1/Stage14
  • Gameplay – Lara won't be able to get hit while jumping between jumping spots
  • Dismantling & Fusing – fixed the refund ratio
  • Milestones – collect buttons now have bigger hitboxes
  • Black screen – no more black screen after watching an ad
  • Daily Dash – menu is not reloading by opening and closing the pop up every time
  • Ability – Arcane Lightning is exclusive to a Demon offer


  • Daily Login Calendar won't trigger Unhandled exception pop up again and players should have the correct calendar again.
  • Free Coins pack now gives out the correct amount of coins.
  • No more Unhandled exception pop up in the Spider boss stage.
  • Lara can't transition into the next stage before she kills the Spider boss.
  • Few devices were added into the group with lower game graphics to improve their FPS.



  • Intro narrative sequences featuring voice-over work from someone you might just recognise!
  • Chapter 7, Colosseum and unlock Leach, Invincibility and Dodge Master abilities
  • Mummified Cat Relic – Upon reviving, Lara instantly gains ultimate's charges
    • Mummified Cat head – Lara revives with extra health
    • Mummified Cat torso – Lara revives with extra attack power
    • Mummified Cat base – Lara revives with extra attack speed
  • Bomber Outfit – Ability: Burn shots, 4 perks
    • Gain +50 attack
    • Gain 2% attack against flying enemies
    • Extra +10% critical dmg
    • Gain +2% Attack power
  • Classic Outfit - Added 4 perks
    • Gain +50 attack
    • Gain +2% attack against flying enemies
    • Extra +10% Critical dmg
    • Gain +2% Attack power
  • Ring abilities


  • Scion is becoming the main interest for Lara on her Tomb Raider Reloaded adventures. This means that the current Scion Relic is visually replaced by the Torc of Embitterment.
  • Visual improvements to environments in the first chapters
  • Improved descriptions


  • Poison now stacks 10x instead of only 5x
  • Poison damage is reduced from 20% to 10% (max damage is not changed)
  • Health orb healing is reduced
  • Lara's HP and damage, Enemies' HP and damage, gear stats, relics' stats are increased 5x. The gameplay difficulty won't change because of this, just all numbers will look higher.
  • Relics - Upgrade cost is now coherent across all Relics
  • Boss - Velociraptor room in chapter 4 was enlarged
  • Boss - Added a padlock on a door as an indicator of an upcoming boss stage
  • Chapter abilities – Swapped unlocked abilities in chapter 5 and 7, Burn shots were added to chapter 3
  • Enemies - Wyverns marked as flying enemies
  • Rewards - Exploration rewards and 7 day login calendar now provide pieces to unlock the Bomber Outfit


  • Fixed Daily Dash Mystery chest being claimable before collecting required amount of points
  • Fixed freezes, connection issues and black screen after watching ads
  • Fixed issues with the Login calendar and players that have logged in at least once for 21 days should get the 28 day calendar
  • Spider boss is fixed
  • Fixed Daily Dash challenges and all flying enemies and Bosses are counted correctly
  • Fixed several Unhandled exception pop ups
  • Free coins pack cannot be claimed twice in a day
  • Fixed sever Tool tips
  • Performance optimisations
  • Small visual fixes



  • Restores progress of the Torc of Embitterment relic, but keep in mind that any progress made between the last update and now will be annulled.
  • No more error pop ups after watching ads
  • Enemies don't pass through walls in chapter 7 anymore
  • Added a gem wheel at the end of chapter 7
  • Removed randomly located blades in the environment in chapter 7
  • Corrected the amount of coins in the coin wheel in chapter 7
  • Removed random blades popping up in the environment in chapter 7


  • It has only minor technical changes that have no impact on your experience but will greatly help to improve the game\s FPS in the future.



  • Angel and Devil were replaced by two well-known characters!
  • Lot of visual improvements for icons, skill effects, Bomber outfit and the Lucky Wheel

Balancing Changes[]

  • Chapter 7's rooms got an overhaul
  • Angel rooms in chapter 3 are reduced from 5 to 2
  • Added Crates and Manuals to Lucky Wheels
  • Swing axes oscillation is reduced


  • Daily Dash points will be correctly counted in the last two unlocked chapters again
  • Relic bonus is now clearly visible
  • Plane's shadow between chapter 5 & 6 moves again
  • Rewards on the reward screen will be scroll-able
  • Chapters' titles on certain screens were fixed
  • Narrative is temporarily removed, it will be back after some visual tweaks.


  • We're introducing a new character
  • Added News as a pop-up
  • Offers are now provided after completing chapters
  • Added support for additional languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese)


  • Improved arrow traps to make it easier to see the direction they're firing
  • Improved the game tutorial
  • Reduced Trap Damage for Chapter 1 early hazard rooms
  • Scaled boss lock health to compensate for leveling up


  • Rewards from the wheel are now visible in the final reward screen
  • Jump pads can now be used even after an enemy uses it
  • Classic outfit perk is added only once in a run and therefore shows proper hp
  • Removed extra tiles in several levels
  • Fixed fire effects appearing in certain hazard rooms
  • Map creatures drawings now visually fit the chapters