Tomb Raider III: The Lost Artefact (North American title: Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact) is a mini-sequel to Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft, sometimes unofficially called Tomb Raider III Gold. It was released exclusively for PC and MacOS in 2000. Unlike the expansion packs for the first two games, this was initially sold as a standalone product rather than as part of a re-release and was not available for free download for existing owners.

In The Lost Artefact, Lara learns of the existence of a fifth meteorite artifact called the Hand of Rathmore. She begins her investigations at the castle of Dr. Willard in the Scottish highlands, progresses to exploring the Channel Tunnel in Dover and then ultimately ends up in the catacombs of Paris, where she is confronted by Sophia Leigh.

Levels MapEdit

0. EnglandEdit

1. ScotlandEdit

2. Channel Tunnel (Dover)Edit

3. Paris, FranceEdit


  • Lara Croft - In the dead Willard's gloved hand, Lara finds a telegram which speaks of a fifth artefact that is being delivered to Willard's Loch Ness estate in Scotland. Lara then leaves for Scotland.
  • Sophia Leigh - After apparently being killed by Lara in London, Sophia returns to fight Lara in France where she is using the powers of a meteorite.
  • Dr. Mark Willard - Dying, Willard lends his hand out to Lara who is watching. In his hand is the telegram in which Lara learns of a fifth artefact.
  • Dave Cox - An employee of SLinc who tells 'UK Today' newspaper about an explosion in a tunnel caused by some mysterious 'goo'.
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