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Lara's Home - 'Welcome back to my humble abode.'Edit

Inside the mansionEdit

You begin in Lara's bedroom with the bathroom next to it. Behind you there is a cupboard. Press the switch and get the Flares inside.

Go downstairs to find two passages leading to three rooms. The left one is the dining room and the kitchen and also a switch you can press to play music. In the kitchen is a freezer that you can use to lock Winston inside if he is disturbing you. Lure him inside then jump over him and quickly run and press the switch to close the door before he manages to get out and follow you.
Tomb Raider 3 music - Home Sound

Tomb Raider 3 music - Home Sound

Tomb Raider III Lara's Home Theme

To the right is Lara's gym from Tomb Raider that has some new surprises this time. Each of them are numbered so make sure you do them in order.

Lara tells you how to do her moves which are climbing and jumping, as well as sprinting, crawling and Monkey Swinging, which are new features in the game. Afterwards, she will tell you to head for the pool where she will explain how to control her underwater. You can also see jade cat statues here which was previously seen in TR1 and TR1 Gold. When you finish this and climb out of the pool Lara will say: "Right, let's go and play outside."

Outside the mansionEdit

Press the switch on the front door of the mansion to open the door and go outside. When you go out you will see a gate in front of you with a switch that leads you completely out of the mansion if you're satisfied with finishing and the level ends. As you go left to the fountain where the maze from Tomb Raider II was, there is a gate with a keyhole on the wall, which means you need a key to open it. The key is found in Lara's secret aquarium in the mansion.

Go past it and continue further to find the assault course from Tomb Raider II, which gives you a chance to try out the moves you learned inside.

Near the end you will find Lara's pistols in a crawl space, pick them up and use them for target practice and race to the end. While in target practice, Winston will appear (regardless if you locked him inside the fridge or not) while wearing a military vest.

Secret AreasEdit

There are many secret areas inside and outside the mansion:

Lara's Trophy RoomEdit

In the pool area next to Lara's gym there is a switch behind the diving board. Press it and an opening near the front door appears, revealing another switch.

Go there and pull the switch and another door opens, it is timed so you need to quickly roll and then sprint to the door and dive through before it closes.

Inside you'll see various artifacts from Lara's previous adventures including pieces of the Atlantean Scion from Tomb Raider which she acquired when she returned to Atlantis to end some Unfinished Business, the Dagger of Xian from Tomb Raider II which she obtained from Marco Bartoli when the dagger transformed him into a dragon, and the Iris artefact from Tomb Raider: Chronicles, which Lara acquired when she infiltrated Von Croy Industries.

Note: According to the Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide, Rich Morton, lead level designer for TR3, confirmed that the golden artifact seen in the trophy room is an inside joke - a cross between the golden idol Indiana Jones found at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the face of Eidos producer Mike Schmitt. The guys at TRTG think it resembles the Golden Mask of Tornausuk from TR2 Gold. But some think it's the gold Idol in TR1 City of Vilcabamba. Take your pick...or use your imagination.

To get out of the trophy room, press the switch on the left of the wall near the door twice.

Lara's AquariumEdit

At the very top of the stairs from the right there is a door with a switch leading to the attic. Press it to open it and go in.

Go up the stairs and you will see a moveable box, push it twice. Leave the room and continue down the corridor to find the library.

Inside on the right you will see a book sticking out of the bookcase. Push it in and it will put out the fire in the fireplace. Quickly climb up the chimney as it is timed until you reach a dark area with a box. This one reveals some Flares after you push it. Continue through a corridor to find another box area. Push the box towards the left to reveal a hallway that leads to the box in the attic you pushed earlier and hit the switch on the wall to open a door on the right in the passageway of the gym. Quickly sprint round the box, out of the attic and jump over the banister of the stairs and quickly enter the door before it closes. Continue through the corridor to find the aquarium. If you want to get out again there is a switch on the wall next to the door to press.

Lara's RacetrackEdit

To enter Lara's secret racetrack, you need the key. First of all you need to find the aquarium and as you enter you will see a box, push it beneath the hole in the ceiling and climb up into the hallway.

Continue down the corridor and dive into the opening of the tank, light a flare so you can see and quickly swim around to find the Racetrack Key. Swim back to the opening and climb out.

If you were outside before and saw the gate to the racetrack, retrace your steps outside until you see it by the fountain on the left.

Use the key in the lock and enter, go on the quad bike and race as fast as you can to the end to get a good record.

Reaching the roof of the mansionEdit

By using the corner glitch just like in Tomb Raider 2 you can reach the roof easily.Look for a concave corners which are good spots to start the glitch.Once you've found a corner,stand right next to the corner at exactly 45 degrees.Then jump up and down until you teleport to the roof.An easier way is to crawl towards the corner instead of jumping.Be careful when going down because Lara might descend into a nasty fall and snap her bones out. To go down safely look for the balcony which was explorable in Tomb Raider 2 and slide backwards towards the slope at the top of the balcony.Then release your grip and you'll slide down another smaller slope falling down the balcony without taking much damage.

Finishing the levelEdit

When you've discovered all the secrets and you're ready for main game go to the gate facing the front door. Press the button and head for the garden waiting for you on the other side of the gate. As Lara says, "Now it's time for our third adventure!"

Lara's WordsEdit

Lara's Room:

  1. Welcome back to my humble abode. Feel free to take a look around!


  1. If you want to look around, press and hold the Look button. Then press in the direction you want to look.


  1. Let's go into the Gym. Those of you who've been here before may notice the new decor. What do you think? Well, let's do some exercises. I think we should do them in order.
  2. I don't actually run everywhere. When I want to be careful, I walk.
  3. With the Walk button down, I won't fall off, even if you try to make me. Go on, try it!
  4. If a jump is too far for me, I can grab the ledge and save myself from a nasty fall. Walk to the edge next to the white line until I won't go any further. Then press Jump, immediately followed by forward, and while I'm in the air, press and hold the Action button.
  5. Press forward and I'll climb up.
  6. If I do a running jump, I can make a jump like that, with no problem. Walk to the edge next to the white line until I stop. Then let go of walk and tap backwards to give me a run-up. Press forward, and almost immediately press and hold the Jump button. I won't actually jump until the last minute.
  7. Okay, this is a huge jump. So do a running jump exactly as before, except while I'm in the air, press and hold the Action button to make me grab the ledge.
  8. Excellent!
  9. Try to vault up here. Press forward and hold Action. I can't climb up because the gap is too small, but press right, and I'll shimmy sideways until there is room. Then press forward and I'll climb right up.
  10. Well done. If there is a long drop and I don't want to hurt myself jumping off, I can let myself down carefully. Tap backwards and I'll jump off backwards. Immediately press and hold the Action button, and I'll grab the ledge on the way down. And then let go.
  11. Next, I'll show you my crawl. First, vault onto the block. Now hold down the Crawl button, this will make me crouch down. Now keep holding it while using the directional buttons to manoeuver through the gap. At the end, turn around and drop me off the ledge. Make sure to keep the Action button pressed or I'll fall. Now let go.
  12. Push forward and hold down the Crawl button to make me squeeze into the gap.
  13. To get to those really high places, sometimes I need to climb. Let's try that now. Walk up to the climbing frame, then press and hold the Action button so I'll climb up onto it. While keeping this button pressed, push forward on the directional buttons, and I'll climb to the top.
  14. Now looking up, you'll see some monkey bars. These look like fun. Press the Jump button, then immediately press and hold the Action button, to make me jump and grab hold of the bars. Then use the directional buttons to manoeuver across. Don't let go of the Action key, because as soon as you do, I'll let go.
  15. That's great!
  16. Right, let's sprint! Push forward and hold down the Sprint button. When I reach the white line, press the Jump button, and I'll perform a diving roll.
  17. Okay. Fancy a swim?


  1. The Jump button and the directionals move me around underwater.
  2. (breathes) Just use forward, left and right to maneuver around on the surface. Press jump to dive down for another swim, or go to the edge and press Action to climb out.
  3. Right, let's go and play outside!

Assault Course:

  1. Let's see how quickly the assault course can be completed. Are you ready?
  2. Gosh, that was fast. But I'm sure you could do better!

Quadbike track:

  1. Hey! I like the look of this!
  2. To jump on, walk up to the vehicle and press the Action button.
  3. Let's go as fast as we can!

Level end:

  1. Now it's time for our third adventure!



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