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Tomb Raider is the first handheld game in the series, released for the Game Boy Color.


Lara Croft has been contacted by her good friend Professor Igor Bowmane, who works in the Ancient Artefact department of the university of Moscow. He has told her of an old manuscript which recounts the last few years of the reign of Moctezuma II, found by a captain under the leadership of Cortez, the Spanish Conquistador.

In the manuscript it tells the legend of the Nightmare Stone, one of the few religious icons the Spanish failed to plunder. The manuscript also tells of an evil ruler named Quaxet, that ruled the Aztec, Mayan and Inca lands.

To stop the evil force, all three cultures joined together. Three High Priests battled and defeated Quaxet and entombed his spirit into a crystal orb. From that day the crystal orb was named the Nightmare Stone. The stone was then sealed into a vast Obelisk forever.

The Obelisk was then sealed inside a vast temple built by the Priests, to prevent anyone ever unleashing Quaxet again.

Professor Bowmane tells Lara that he has been in contact with his friend Illiat, a fellow curator in Peru, who warns him that there have been "interested parties" inquiring about the whereabouts of the manuscript. Illiat, unsure of their motives, told them nothing.

Bowmane wants Lara to find the stone before anyone else. Lara immediately embarks for Peru to meet Illiat at the temple entrance, where the stone was kept.

On arrival at the camp beside the temple, Lara finds nobody waiting for her; the only thing she does find is the remnants of a struggle, and Illiat's broken glasses.

Lara follows the trail of debris to the Temple entrance. Being the inquisitive explorer she goes inside to investigate.


  • Lara Croft - Famous archaeologist-adventurer. Tipped off by her friend, Professor Igor Bowmane, Lara goes to the Amazon to meet Illiat and discover the Nightmare Stone.
  • Igor Bowmane - A friend and colleague of Lara Croft. He works in the Ancient Artefact department at the university of Moscow.
  • Illiat - An archaeologist on site in the Amazon and friend of Professor Igor Bowmane.
  • Quaxet - An evil king that ruled over the Maya, Inca and Aztec civilizations thousands of years ago through a reign of terror. It is Quaxet's spirit that is sealed within the Nightmare Stone.