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Multiplayer was a game mode in Tomb Raider. It is the first and thus far the only game in the series to include a competitive multiplayer mode.


The mode operates on fairly standard leveling system, XP can be earned through killing enemy players, and completing objectives and challenges, Leveling up will unlock Weapons, Gadgets and Skills, and purchasable characters. The max level is sixty, though the player can choose to "Prestige" which will return the player to level Zero, however they will keep all unlocked characters.

Salvage also features and can be used to purchase upgrades and characters from the store option. Much like the main game, salvage can be found in yellow crates.

Game Modes[]

There are four game modes to pick from, each with different objectives, some modes require different objectives based on which team the player is a part of. Game modes can be customized to by players, to set up how many. All round based modes are set to best of three by default.


Rescue TR Survivor.jpg
"A round-based mode where Survivors attempt to recover medical supplies while the Solarii must finish them with a melee execution."
―In-Game Description[src]

Survivor Objective: Bring medical supplies to the base in order. Set to five by default.

Solarii Objectives: Kill a set number of survivors, they must be finished with a melee finisher, or bleed out. Set to twenty by default.

Cry for Help[]

Cry For Help TR Solarii.jpg
"A round-based mode where Survivors must activate radio transmitters while preventing their batteries from falling into Solarii hands."
―In-Game Description[src]

Survivor Objective: Activate Radio towers to send out a distress call. Set to three by default.

Solarii Objective: Steal Survivor batteries. Set to fifteen by default.

Team Deathmatch[]

Deathmatch TR Survivor.jpg
"A round-based mode where Survivors and Solarii must fight for supremacy. The team with the highest score at the end wins."
―In-Game Description[src]

Teams compete to reach the kill limit first, or have the highest kill count when time runs out. Set to twenty-five by default.

Free For All[]

Free For All TR Survivor.jpg
"Survival of the fittest: Kill enough players without dying to become the "Executioner" and secure your dominance before times runs out."
―In-Game Description[src]

Every player for themselves in a bid to reach the kill limit first, or have the highest kill count when time runs out. Set to fifteen by default.

Free for all contains a special mode known as Executioner. Getting enough kills without dying will turn the player into "The Executioner" which will allow them to see all players on the map, and stop all players from re-spawning. If the Executioner manages to kill off the rest of the players, they will win the match, regardless of final score. If the executioner is killed however, the match will resume as normal.


In addition to loadout weapons of Assault Rifles, Bows, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns and Pistols, there are also Super Weapons hidden throughout each map randomly as well as traps to take advantage of in each map. "-" denotes that it is not applicable to the team in question as basic start-out weapons.

Basic Weapons:

Weapon Basic Tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Axe Climbing Axe
Bow - (Survivor)/Makeshift Longbow (Solarii) Recurve Bow (Solarii)/Recurve Bow (Survivor) Cross-Bow (Solarii) Compound Bow (Solarii)
Shotgun Pump-Action Shotgun (Survivor)/ - (Solarii) Combat Shotgun(Survivor)/Trench Shotgun(Solarii) Fully Automatic Shotgun (Survivor)/Double-Barreled Shotgun (Solarii)
Rifle - (Survivor)/ Assault Rifle (Solarii) Commando Rifle (Survivor)/Marksman Rifle (Solarii)
SMG/LMG Submachine Gun (Survivor) / - (Solarii) Modified Submachine Gun (Survivor) Light Machine Gun (Survivor)
Handgun/Secondary Semi-Auto Pistol Tactical Pistol Full-Auto Pistol (Survivor)/Magnum Pistol (Solarii) Sawed-Off Shotgun (Survivor)
Explosives Frag Grenades (Survivor)/Napalm Grenades (Solarii) Fake Ammo Box(Survivor)/Land Mine (Solarii) Smoke Grenade (Survivor)/Flash Grenade (Solarii) Dynamite Flare Gun (Solarii)

Super Weapons: The Superweapons are incredibly powerful weapons, that can be found at random spawn points, within the game. They cannot be unlocked, and are sought after by players as soon as the match begins to ensure, the victory of their team.

Weapon Basic Version
Bow Competition Bow
Gun Mini-gun


Players can select two passive skills, one from each category, that will buff them during gameplay.

Offensive Skills

Skill Description
Accomplished Killer "Increases the experience gained from killing enemies."
Increased Ammo Capacity "Increases the amount of ammo carried"
Harder Hits "Increases melee attack damage."
Spite "Upon death your corpse becomes an explosive trap."
Eagle Eye "Greatly increases the default passive detection range of enemies on screen."
Rancor "See the name of your last killer from further away, so long as they remain in line of sight."
Second Wind "Reduces the recovery time between sprints and allows you to sprint longer."
Speedloader "Increases reload speed for the crossbow, and all firearms."
Steady Shot "Increases stability duration with drawn bows, and accuracy with all other weapons."

Survival Skills

Skill Description
Advanced Looting "Increases the amount of ammo and salvage recovered from player kills and crates."
Thick Skin "Reduce damage taken from shotgun pellets, but useless against bullets."
Pincushion "Reduces the damage taken from arrows."
Grenadier "Greatly reduces the damage taken from explosives."
Bulletproof "Reduces the damage taken from bullets."
Fireproof "Greatly reduces the damage taken from fire."
Tracker "Allows you to detect all enemy traps in your line of sight, disarm them, and steal those matching your loadout."
Lightfoot "Stepping on traps or landmines will not automatically trigger them."
Rejuvenation "Reduces the health recovery delay after taking damage, and speeds overall healing."

Playable Characters[]

The two factions that comprises the main game's story is expanded upon for Multiplayer. The majority of the gametypes feature two teams pitted against each other, that of the Survivors and that of the Solarii. The following is a list of the characters as well as their Level and Salvage Requirement.


Character Level Salvage
Alex Weiss - -
Jonah Maiava - -
Liam - -
Conrad Roth - -
Samantha Nishimura - -
Angus Grimaldi 8 250
Joslin Reyes 16 500
Steph 24 1000
Victor 32 2000
James Whitman 40 3000
Pilot 48 5000
Lara Croft 60 10000
Zac - Nerd Machine Exclusive DLC
Fisherman - Pre-Order DLC


Character Level Salvage
Fixer - -
Scavenger - -
Vladimir - -
Creeper 4 1000
Mathias 12 2000
Smoker 20 3000
Bruiser 28 4000
Saboteur 36 5000
Soldier 44 6000
Archer 52 7000
The General Prestige 2 10000
Scavenger Scout - Pre-Order DLC
Scavenger Bandit - Pre-Order DLC
Scavenger Archer - Xbox Controller Exclusive DLC
Scavenger Executioner - Limited Edition Strategy Guide DLC


The following consists of the multiplayer maps and gametype restrictions when applicable. All maps are included in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.


  • Beach
  • Chasms
  • Monastery
  • Shrine
  • Underground


  • Shantytown (FFA Only)
Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack[]
  • Scavenger Caverns
  • Cliff Shantytown
  • Burning Village
1939 Multiplayer Map Pack[]
  • Hangar (FFA Only)
  • Forest Meadow (FFA Only)
Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack[]
  • Lost Fleet (FFA Only)
  • Himiko's Cradle (FFA Only)


As Crystal Dynamics was fully invested in developing the story/campaign of the game, the Multiplayer portion of the game was outsourced to Canadian developer Eidos Montreal.


  • This marks the first time that a competitive multiplayer mode appears in a Tomb Raider game, Crystal Dynamic's had previously featured a cooperative multiplayer mode in the downloadable spin-off: "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" in 2010.