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Crystal Dynamics has put an emphasis on music, wanting it to be of the highest quality. Sound designer Alex Wilmer stated that there would be different sound textures for all of the different areas of the game, and the music will react instantly to what is going on. The game was composed by Jason Graves.

The Instrument Edit

The Instrument

As well as traditional instrumentation, such as piano, brass, strings and percussion, a custom-made instrument of wood, glass and different metals was specially made for this score in collaboration with Jason Graves' neighbour, Matt McConnell, who is a sculptor. The instrument can be played percussively or using a bow (which was modeled after Lara's makeshift longbow.) It provides most of the horror sounds for the running and escaping scenes, it was used exclusively for the Scavenger's Den mission at the start of the game.

Tracks Edit

  1. Adventure Found Me
  2. The Scavenger's Den
  3. Exploring the Island
  4. First Blood
  5. Reaching Roth
  6. Infiltrating the Bunker
  7. A Call for Help
  8. Entering Himiko's Tomb
  9. The Descent
  10. The One
  11. The Scavenger's Camp
  12. Paying Respects
  13. On the Beach
  14. Secret of the Island
  15. The Oni
  16. Whitman's Tes
  17. Scaling the Ziggurat
  18. The Ritual
  19. A Survivor Is Born
  20. The Tomb Raider