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Tomb Raider: The Reckoning is an interactive TV game available only in Canada through Bell ExpressVu developed by Denki.

The monthly cost of this game was three Canadian Dollars.


Episode 1[]

Thousands of years ago there was a mighty civilization Kh'otek, which drew strength from five Mystic Stones. They were crystals, containing a piece of the gods and mystical spirits. Kh'otek conquered the entire known world, and hid the stolen loot inside network of tombs of the temples. Temples were full of traps and demonic guards. Suddenly one day, the whole civilization disappeared. Nobody knows what was the cause or what happened to their wealth.

One day, Bradley, a friend of Lara Croft, encounters information about the Kh'otek civilization. He is convinced that the treasures of a forgotten people must remain somewhere. He discovered the location of one of their temples, which after many thousands of years was overgrown and is currently in the dense jungle. Bradley is confident that inside the temple are not only missing treasures of Kh'otek, but also five Mystic Stones. Bradley sent Lara Croft to retrieve the carved stones, which is the key to the legendary temple of Kho'tek. Unfortunately, it cost him his life. When Lara arrived to his apartment, she saw her dead friend. Bradley just before his death was able to draw up a map to the temple. Lara drew a sketch map and set off on a journey. Apparently, not only is she looking for Mystic Stones. They can not fall into the wrong hands, so Miss Croft has to find them first. Fortunately, only Lara knows the location of the temple.

After some time, Lara reached the entrance of the temple. Using the key, which she received from Bradley, she went inside. Under the guidance of the map, Lara moved forward. Inside she found a lot of treasures, gold and artifacts left behind by the Kh'otek civilization. Inside the temple she had to face the guardians of the temple and zombies. In addition, the temple and tombs were very unstable. The temple was probably built on an extinct volcano, which explains the presence of occasional lava. The heroine found many corpses. Some of them were archaeologists, who failed to get out of the underworld. Other bodies belonged to the Kh'otek people. The presence of many corpses and treasure left Lara to speculate that the civilization had to leave the temple in a hurry. Probably the main reason could be the awakening of the volcano.

Lara Croft has searched the twelve tombs and found all five Mystic Stones. Tombs have interesting names, like "Transient Ecstasy". After retrieving the fifth and last of the Mystical Stone, Lara read the signs in the tomb. She realized that she must take all the stones to the Chamber of Light. The heroine quickly found the last tomb, where she placed the mystical stones on the altar. The entire temple began to shake. It turned out that there is a teleporter, powered by the Mystic Stones. The device moved Lara to another tomb in a totally unfamiliar place, it also saved Lara's life, because the temple of Kh'otek was destroyed.

Episode 2[]

Lara awoke in a new location, and was stunned to see something unusual...


During every single game, a player has five lives. Each episode consists of several Stages - tombs, each of which is divided into a dozen boards. Available modes for the game are: the demo, the single player mode, multiplayer, and a help screen.

In the game you must avoid traps, collect artifacts along the way and fight with the guards.