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Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life is the last episode of the Tomb Raider trilogy for mobile phones.


Following her previous missions, Lara Croft suspects someone is acquiring ingredients to make the fabled Elixir of Life. Lara is reluctant to hand over the artifacts she has recovered until she knows her employer's intentions for certain. Lara's investigations lead her to the Scottish castle, home of a billionaire recluse.

Lara Croft has grown suspicious of her anonymous employer's intentions and tracked down his whereabouts to a castle in the Scottish Highlands. Opting for a covert approach she has gained entrance through an unguarded ventilation shaft. The last recorded owner of this place was William Bryce Drummond, The Earl of Rothshire, but he was born in 1875.

As Lara progressed through the castle, Drummond contacted Lara through the computer terminals, trying to convince her in giving him the artifacts. Lara refused however and despite Drummond trying to kill her, managed to get into the hidden room under the castle where Drummond was kept in a vat only as a brain. Apparently he organized Lara expedition to get the artifacts to restart his human life. Lara not wanting to give the artifacts to him, shut down the computers that kept Drummond alive, and sealed the artifacts under the castle.


Lara will still have to solve puzzles, jump, run and collect objects throughout fifteen levels.


  • With the mobile games there was a dedicated webpage launched to house information about the ingame items and credits. The site has since then been shut down.[3]