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Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword is the second handheld game in the series, released for the Game Boy Color, and it is a sequel to the first Tomb Raider for the same system.


Lara Croft visits her friend Jane in the New York Museum of Antiquities. She is shown the recently recovered Paveaux Sword that was found near the coast of Florida on a shipwreck. They are suddenly attacked by thieves who steal the sword. Lara offers to get the sword back, but first she has to find her guns in the museum. Lara uses the fire exit to get to the rooftops, and chases the thieves to a helicopter. Lara fights Bokor and gets slashed by the Paveaux Sword when she leapt to grab it. Upon returning to the museum with sad news, Jane was worried of the rumored curse that followed the sword. Anyone who gets slashed with the sword are marked to become the vessel for Paveaux. Jane asked Lara to visit Pino Lamor in the disused part of the subway beneath the old Bergen Street line. Pino is an old shaman who dedicated his life to the defeat of the Bokor, but now being too old was in hiding.

Lara searched the tunnels quite a bit before finding Pino. Pino had already heard from Jane that Lara is looking for him. Pino explains the powers of the sword and what the cut exactly means. He then directed Lara towards a warehouse on the harbor. They hatch a plan to find out where exactly the Bokor are going, so they can retrieve the sword. Lara uses a minisub to plant a tracker to the Bokor ship.

Lara rendezvous with Jane at the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. They wait until the ship has stopped in the Bahamas near Backlin Islands. Lara took a private plane, but before she had a chance to land, the plane was shot down with a heatseeker missile. Lara jumped out and parachuted to the jungle. After a short trek, Lara found the Bokor base and fought the priest again. This time Lara was victorious.

Lara returned to Museum of Antiquities two days later, bringing with her only a handle of the Paveaux Sword.


  • Lara Croft - Archaeologist-adventurer. While visiting her friend Jane in a museum in New York, the theft of magical sword takes place. Giving chase, Lara catches up with the thieves but she is cut by the sword. Lara has been cursed and has became the host for Madame Paveaux. Unless Lara can defeat Bokor and break the sword then she will cease to exist and Paveaux will have been resurrected.
  • Bokor - The priest and leader of the cult. He is searching for particular objects and a host for Madame Paveaux in order to bring his master back to life.
  • Jane - Lara's friend who works at a museum in New York.
  • Pino Lamor - A shaman who lives in a deserted part of a subway. He was part of a movement attempting to destroy the Bokor, but now lives in hiding.
  • Madame Paveaux - An evil magician who rose to power in the Deep South using dark magic and sacrificing people.