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The score for Tomb Raider: Anniversary is composed by Troels Brun Folmann. It took 5 months for Troels to compose and is in the style of electronic orchestra. The majority of the album contains his original scores and themes. However, recognizable themes from the first game (composed by Nathan McCree) such as "Time to Run", "Puzzle Theme" and "Puzzle Theme II" have been recreated.

The main theme for Anniversary can be described as a celebratory version of the original theme from TR1, as similar chord and instruments are used in the piece. The song starts off with a heavy crescendo of woodwinds and low strings playing the famous Tomb Raider melody and then breaks off into an almost playful arc, featuring parts of the original harp composition from the TR1 theme. Pizzicato strings, cascading pianos and celeste, chimes, and glass instrumentation are prominent throughout this version, implying the fresh and modern twist that Folmann and Crystal Dynamics have placed in Anniversary.

Troels Brun Folmann's work for Anniversary is different from that of Legend, as it has no underlying techno beats or electronic effects. Anniversary's score resembles that of a combination between the original Tomb Raider and a typical movie score: entirely orchestral and choral. Folmann uses more complex instrumentation and composition in his scoring, acquiring more woodwinds, instrument articulation, and ambience. Folmann leaves somewhat of a trademark in his Anniversary music by adding a significant amount of chimes throughout the score.

As a bonus, the special edition release of Tomb Raider: Anniversary features a CD with tracks compiled from both Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Legend.


1) Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Main Theme/Croft Manor Theme
2) Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Greatest Moments
3) Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Peru
4) Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Egypt
5) Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Greece
6) Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Lost City
7) Tomb Raider: Legend - Main Theme/Croft Manor Theme
8) Tomb Raider: Legend - Bolivia
9) Tomb Raider: Legend - Amahlin
10) Tomb Raider: Legend - Flashback
11) Tomb Raider: Legend - Arthur's Grave
12) Tomb Raider: Legend - Himalaya
13) Tomb Raider: Legend - Tokyo