Tihocan was one of the three rulers of Atlantis and with Qualopec, imprisoned Natla for her crimes.

Unlike Qualopec, whose skeletal remains are seated on a throne, Tihocan was buried in a coffin in Greece under St. Francis' Folly. His tomb was guarded by mutant Atlantean Centaurs.

Brother Herbert, a monk from the Folly, believed that Tihocan was buried under their Folly with a piece of the Atlantean Scion. But he tried to rid himself of these fantasies.


Tomb RaiderEdit

Natla's Imprisonment

  • "You used the sacramental place as a source of your own individual pleasure, as some freak factory."
  • "A slaughter heap now. And you. We're going to lock you in limbo. Make your veins, heart, feet, and that diseased brain stick solid with frozen blood."
  • "Greet your eternal unrest, Natla!"

Tomb Raider: AnniversaryEdit

  • "You have tainted the power of the Scion!"
  • "You have betrayed your fellow Kings, and broken the sacred triumvirate of Atlantis!"
  • "For your treachery, for using the knowledge of the Scion to unleash our armies against us, I expel you forever from the sacred order of the three, and condemn you to shame in the frozen limbo of eternity!"