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Lara facing Dragon Bartoli

The Dragon's Lair is the seventeenth level of Tomb Raider II. After chasing Bartoli and the Fiamma Nera through the Floating Islands, Lara finally confronts the cult and a showdown with Bartoli looms.

Level designEdit

The first part of the level features Lara in a room full of Xian Warrior statues. Lara must pull down a series of levers in order to progress into the next room. While finding the correct levers, the Xian Warrior statues will come to life and attack Lara. Once she has pulled down the correct levers, she will come across a room with several large columns and several Fiamma Nera henchmen. Lara must dispose of all of the Fiamma Nera members in order to collect the key required to enter the main lair for the dragon.

Inside the main room, Lara will see Bartoli with a knife plunged into his heart. When approaching Bartoli, a burst of energy will spout out from Bartoli and transform him into the Dragon. Lara's objective is to keep firing shots of bullets at the Dragon until it falls down. Once it falls onto the ground, she must maneuver towards the torso of the Dragon and take the Dagger of out its stomach. While battling the dragon, Lara must try to avoid its fiery breath. If Lara catches on fire, there are pools of water in the room she can jump in.

Once Lara has defeated the Dragon, it will turn into a pile of bones after the Dagger is removed. The main room will then start to crumble, with rocks and debris falling everywhere. Lara must run towards the exit opposite to the wall of the main room in order to complete the level.


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Locales VisitedEdit

  • Dragon Chamber


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