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The Cabal was a religious extremist group that was a coalition between the world's main monotheistic religions; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Though it was based on a very flimsy truce, as none of the members of rivaling religious factions could stand each other.

There main goal was to suppress pagan religions and maintain their respective religions place of power in the world. By gathering religious relics, and hiding them away.

Keys to the Kingdom Edit

They appear as the main antagonists to Keys to the Kingdom.

The Cabal attempted to retrieve the Ankh of Osiris, in order to stop the world finding out about it's power, and assassinated the professor who was going to demonstrate it's power. Before the gunman could escape however, he was accosted by Lara Croft, who began to fire at him. The gunman killed a young man, who pushed Lara out of the line of fire. Lara managed to use the Ankh, to kill the remaining Cabal, an event which was later broadcast on TV.

The Cabal decided to extend their truce in order to get the Ankh, and set their agents after Lara Croft. The soldiers were armed with several holy relics like, the Wheel of Ezekiel, and the Eternal Flame. A spokesmen, who is secretly one of the three leaders of the Cabal, denounces the event at the University as a set up by Lara Croft to get some attention. However he gets a phone-call by Osiris, and made to bring the other heads of the Cabal to the roof of the building, they willingly go through a portal created by the Astrolabe of Mashallah after being beckoned through by the gods. which causes their souls to leave their bodies, effectively killing them.

The Cabal erupted into a civil war, following their leaders, deaths, each faction blaming the others for the death of their respective leaders.

The Cabal was likely disbanded, following the civil war.


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