Documents - Scroll 2

The Apostle refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are six total The Apostle Documents in the game.

Prophet's ArrivalEdit

From the journals of Decius, first apostle of the Prophet, 970 A.D.

We heard of the Prophet's arrival in Constantinople, but we paid it no mind. The great city has always drawn madmen and pretenders to the ear of God. We heard strange tales of the miracles of the Prophet, but still we did not seek him out.

But then we heard him speak, heard the liquid truth of his words roll across the Forum of Constantine. He claimed not to speak for God, claimed that no man could. But his wisdom was plain, and not a one of us in that Forum could deny that he spoke the truth. I must know more about him. I must hear him again.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Hmm, this is the declaration of a follower of the Prophet of Byzantium.

The SermonEdit

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 970 A.D.

For a month I have gone to the Forum to hear the Prophet speak. I wear robes of common folk, it would not do for a son of a great house to be seen here. There are rumblings that the patricians and men from the Church in the West seek to silence the Prophet. I can only listen, and reproduce the great man's words...

No man has ever told the truth about God, for no man can ever know.

There is more sacred in the heart of a farmer or a soldier, than in the hearts of lords and emperors.

We are all of us deceived by those that claim to speak on behalf of the creator.

No man speaks for Him, for His voice is the sky, the water, and the flow of the world.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The testimony of this Apostle suggests the Prophet rose to prominence in Constantinople.

Vow of PovertyEdit

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 972 A.D.

Some believe the Prophet to be God's son risen, but he makes no such claims. Some praise his actions as miracles, but he rejects such attributions. In his humility, his followers see the truth of his message. We see the change coming.

I have shed the trappings of my station and now devote myself fully to the Prophet. I spread his word, recruiting others of my station to the cause. But this has enraged the elite and brought the full attention of the Church in the West.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The first Apostle abandoned the wealth of his birthright to follow the Prophet, even as the number of his enemies grew...


From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 977 A.D.

The Church in the West has sent their messengers - self proclaimed soldiers of God, the Knights of the Order of Trinity. They have come to silence the Prophet - to quell his blasphemy and eradicate our movement. But it is too late now - we will not be silenced.

Violence erupts in the Forum on a daily basis. The Prophet knows that we cannot stand against them, so we must leave Constantinople. We will go to the desert to build anew and continue the Prophet's work.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The first Apostle was willing to leave his birthplace, and follow the Prophet to the edges of the Empire...

Death And RebirthEdit

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 977 A.D.

When the Emperor died, the Prophet's favor was lost, and we were forced to begin our exodus in the dark of night. The new Emperor has no love for the Prophet, so there was nothing left to stop the Knights of the Order of Trinity.

We fled towards the desert, to begin again, when the Order of Trinity came upon us, and murdered the Prophet. I saw him die. We placed his body in a cave near the Oasis, and in our sorrow, began to build him a tomb.

The Order of Trinity is not finished. They desire not only the death of the Prophet, but the mysteries of the Divine Source. They will come again. But in our darkest hour, the Prophet has risen. He has defeated death, just as he will defeat our enemies.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

As the Prophet fled the Imperial City, he and his followers were attacked, and the the Prophet was believed to be slain. But he rose again... somehow...

The ExodusEdit

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 979 A.D.

When the Knights of the Order of Trinity learned of the Prophet's rebirth, they attacked again. But we were armed with true faith. Where they expected a slaughter of helpless refugees, they found an army of men and women who would no longer be victims. Many died there, but in the end, we stood victorious. We fled, leaving his Tomb and the Empire behind.

We walked for months, across the high plains, and into the frozen lands beyond the borders of the Empire. The path was difficult, and many began to doubt the Prophet. I am ashamed to say I did as well. I hope he can forgive me, for with the break of dawn, we now see the truth: He has brought us to an earthly paradise, where we can begin anew.

God bless the Prophet, for he has delivered us.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Apostle of the Prophet was with him, all the way from Syria to here... The loyalty he inspired in his followers was unshakable.