Tomb Raider III levels

Thames Wharf is the first level of London in Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara starts her hunt for the The Eye of Isis...



Weapons FoundEdit

  • Shotgun

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit


  • 1 - 1x Rocket and 1x Small Medipack
  • 2 - 2x Shotgun Shells / 1x Shotgun Shells and 1x Shotgun
  • 3 - 1x Rocket
  • 4 - 1x Cathedral Key
  • 5 - 1x Large Medipack


You will start on the rooftop of a building. Right at the beginning, you can go for a Secret.

Secret 1Edit

Turn around and go the bridge on your right. Now turn your attention to the slope on your left and walk up to it. Take one step back and use a running jump to clear the slope. Lara will take a small amount of damage from the fall. In the corner of the next area, take some Shotgun Shells and a Save Crystal. Go to the opposite corner and climb up on the block. Climb up on the brown roof and use a running jump to reach the crane ahead. Follow it out to the end and drop down on the concrete block at the end. Jump to the platform next to it and look at the slopes. You will notice a small alcove. Use a running jump from here to reach it. Carefully walk through the barbed wire, enter the room to trigger the Secret and shoot the two rats. Your rewards are a Small Medipack and a Rocket. Carefully walk through the barbed wire on the left as you leave the area. Climb up the ledge, while taking damage from the barbed wire (it is impossible not to receive damage here). Climb up to the next one, climb the ladder, and jump back to the concrete block. Climb back up the crane, turn around, and use a diagonal running jump with no grab to reach the ledge with a break in the fencing. Use a standing jump to the next ledge, turn left, and climb up. Slide down to the previous area and climb up the block again. Climb back to the brown roof and use a running jump to return to the beginning. It may be wise to save your game as soon as you return to the roof.

Run forward and drop from the edge of the roof down to the lower ledge, which looks like a trapdoor. Drop to the slope below, immediately jump off and grab the edge. Climb up and shoot the crow to your right. Pull the switch to raise a green trapdoor, then grab the grating above and swing across to reach the rope slider. Use it to reach the slope ahead and catch the edge as you fall. Let go, grab the green trapdoor beneath you, shimmy right, and pull up. Quickly shoot the Mercenary and take his Small Medipack.

Go into the next room and jump to the ledge ahead. If you want to risk, use a running jump over the collapsible tile to reach the ledge ahead. If not, roll into the collapsible tile, roll off, and use a diagonal running jump with a grab to reach the ledge ahead. Shoot the two rats and go into the corridor. Continue on the corridor, shoot the mercenary at the end and take the Flue Room Key from his body. Return to the ledge and hang over the right side. Drop and grab the ledge beneath Lara. Pull up, press the button, and drop to the ledge below. Take the set of Harpoons nearby and turn your attention to the ledge ahead. Use a standing jump with a grab. Your objective in this jump is not to reach that ledge, but land near the area with the Save Crystal below to minimize the damage you will take from the fall.

Take the Save Crystal near where you landed and the Small Medipack from the wreckage of the collapsible tile, as well as some Flares from the corner opposite the ladder. Press the button next to the ladder and climb it to the top. You will return to the ledge near the corridor. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the crack in the wall, shimmy right, and drop into the ledge, or drop down to where you picked up the Harpoons and use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge. Either way, pull back to the entrance. Outside, pull the switch and hang over the ledge where the green trapdoor was. Drop down to the platform below and shoot the crow.

Secret 2Edit

Jump up and grab the crack in the wall above the green door, in front of where you landed. Shimmy right and you will find two openings. Your rewards are a Shotgun and some Shotgun Shells (or two packs of Shotgun Shells if you already have it). Return to the platform.

Jump up and grab the opening on the left. Crawl through to the end and you will emerge on a catwalk high above an alley. Jump up to the button and press it. Return through the crawlspace and to the previous platform. Hang over the left side and drop down the slope. As soon as you land, quickly run to the crate on the ground floor and shoot the Mercenary. Go to the hole in the corner and take the Save Crystal and some Flares. Next to the pile of crates, there are some Uzi Clips. Climb atop the highest pile of crates and climb the ladder. Jump off and climb up two more ladders. At the top, use a running jump to return to the rooftop in the beginning.

Repeat the process you made to reach the rope slider, but this time, instead of using it, use a running jump with a grab to reach the upper platform ahead. Take the Small Medipack on your right, grab the crack on the wall and shimmy right all the way to the end. Pull up and walk down the path to the end. Jump over the gap and shoot the crow. Climb up the ledge, take the Large Medipack, and press the button nearby to raise the scaffolding nearby. Return to the gap and jump back over it. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the scaffolding below. When you land, shoot the crow and jump into the small alcove with the Flares. Use the Flue Room Key to open the door, and drop into the room.

Light a Flare, follow the hall to the Save Crystal and turn left. It may be wise to save your game before pressing the button. Pressing the button will deactivate a burner somewhere else, but also activates the burners in this room. Time your run past the burners and return to the scaffolding outside. Drop down on the platform to the left. From here, you need to backtrack all the way back to where you pulled up from the crack in the wall. Once you arrive, be wary of the Mercenary nearby. Climb up on the ledge to the left of the path and follow it to a hole.

Secret 3Edit

Before jumping in the hole, jump forward to grab a ledge above with some Shotgun Shells. Back off on the left and drop into the small balcony. Your reward is a Rocket. Use the ladder to return to the hole.

Jump down the hole and slide down the slope. At the end, use a standing jump with a grab to reach the opening, and pick up the Save Crystal and a Large Medipack. Slide down the slope and shoot the two rats. Drop down the hole and you will engage a Constable. You know what to do. Pull the nearby switch and run down the hallway. Enter the room at the end and dive into the water. Swim to the bottom of the water tank to get a Small Medipack and some Uzi Clips. Pull the lever, return to the first switch you pulled, pull it again, and enter the first room in the hallway. Jump into the water and swim down the hole. The propellers are now harmless, so swim through them and emerge in the next room.

Climb out and shoot the Constable. Run to the end of the hall and take some Shotgun Shells. Deal with the two rats that come from the opening. Crawl through, take the Small Medipack and drop down the hole. In the next room is a malfunctioning generator running around the tracks; touching it is extremely lethal, so stay out of its way. First, head to the corner on the right, take the Save Crystal, and press the button nearby to turn on the lights. Run to the other end of the room to find a metal crate. Pull it and start pushing it down the hall. Make sure you push it when the generator is not around, as Lara will die if it touches her when she is moving the block. Move the block to either track intersection where you can see a fuse box in the center. Leave the block there, and the generator will eventually turn around and smash the fuse box.

Return to the ladder from where you came from and climb it to the top. You will emerge back in the first area. Push the button you just uncovered, and a Constable will come to investigate. Again, you know what to do. Push the switch again and return to the room at the end of the hallway. Dive into the water and climb up on the red hallway to the left. In the next room, repeat the same process. Shoot the Constable that appears and go into the room. Press the button and return to the previous room. Climb up on the catwalk on the left and jump to grab the grating in the ceiling. Swing across and drop down on the opening. Shoot the two rats and take the Small Medipack from the opening nearby. Take the Save Crystal and the Large Medi-pack before you drop down the hole. You will return to the first pool room.

Return to the first area and press the button you just uncovered, on the left as you enter the area. Return to the pool room where you pushed the button and dive into the water. Swim down the tunnel, taking a set of Harpoons as you go. Surface in the next room, investigate the corners to find some Shotgun Shells and a Large Medipack, and climb out on the doorway. Quickly shoot the Sniper before taking his Small Medipack and a Save Crystal nearby. It may be wise to save your game before taking on the next part.

Climb up the ladder and carefully walk through the barbed wire. You will emerge on the crane involved with Secret 1, but below and on the other side. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the platform in front of you. Turn right and use a running jump with a grab to reach the upper ledge. Pull up, jump up the slope, turn left and follow the path. On the very right side of the slope, slide down, and you will drop down on a pit with barbed wire, but on a safe spot. Walk through the barbed wire and take the Desert Eagle Clips before returning the way you came.

Climb up on the walkway going around the cathedral and shoot the two Mercenaries. Go to the center of the cathedral through the path in front of where you climbed from and pull the block twice. Climb atop it and climb up on the sloped ledge to your right. Jump into the small depression for some Shotgun Shells.

Secret 4Edit

From the sloped ledge, use a running jump to reach the small depression behind the other sloped ledge in front of it. Your reward is the Cathedral Key. It has no use, but you need it to access the bonus level.

From the center of the cathedral, take a left and run to the end of the hall to find some railing.

Secret 5Edit

On the corner of the walkway furthest from the crane, you will find a ladder. Climb down the ladder. Drop down a few ledges and crawl through the opening at the bottom. Your reward is a Large Medipack. Return the way you came.

Return to the center of the cathedral. From where you came, take another left, run down the hall and drop down the ledge at the end to finish the level.

A mercenary named John opens fire on Lara with a silenced submachine gun. Lara returns the favor and rushes to the top of the bell tower. Lara slides down a small slope and catches the man off guard, shooting him in the arm. The two get into a fight, but Lara manages to get John into a chokehold. Lara flips John off the bell before it can hit him and interrogates him. It seems that he is a mercenary working for SLinc, a cosmetics company headed by Sophia Leigh. His father and grandfather worked for her as well, but Lara becomes confused when John claims that Sophia is only in her late twenties. John manages to get his gun back and claims to Lara that he gets a special bonus for killing people like her, but in a moment of distraction, the bell hits him and he falls off the roof. Lara bids him farewell and jumps down the hole beneath the bell.