Tomb Raider III levels

Temple of Puna is the fourth and final level of the South Pacific Islands section in Tomb Raider III. After a wretched ride through deadly rapids in the previous level, Lara finally comes across the temple housing the Ora Dagger and the guardian of her prized possession...

Level designEdit

The Temple of Puna belongs to the deity of the cannibalistic South Pacific tribe known as Puna. The architecture consists of skulls and giant stone heads that align the entire temple. The temple is heavily guarded by the tribesmen who attack Lara with axes and poison darts. It is also filled with many types of traps including rolling spindles and spiked ceilings. Lara must overcome these traps before setting foot in Puna's chamber.

Puna's chamber resides over a large bottomless abyss that will instantly kill Lara is she falls in. When Lara first enters his chamber, she will see the Ora Dagger residing in the back of Puna's throne. Once she approaches the throne though, Puna will awaken and start attacking her with bolts of lightning. One shot of lightning will instantly kill Lara. Also during her battle with Puna, Lara will have to fight the green Kimodo that will poison her if they get too close.



Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Temple of Puna


  • 1 - 3x Desert Eagle Clips, 1x Flares and 1x Large Medipack or 1x Desert Eagle, 2x Desert Eagle Clips, 1x Flares and 1x Large Medipack


This is the last level of the South Pacific Islands. After making it around this temple, Lara will open the door to the throne room and finally confront Puna. Lara must defeat him in order to claim the Ora Dagger, the last of Stephen’s artifacts.

As you slide into the area, turn right and quickly shoot the two Tribesmen coming down the stairs. Go up the stairs and quickly shoot the next two. Climb up into the next room and climb the stairs to the top.

Secret 1Edit

Once you return from the traps in the lower levels, you can return up here in order to claim the level’s Secret. At the top of the stairs, turn left and use a running jump with a grab to reach the invisible crack on the wall. Shimmy left all the way to the end and pull up into the room. Your rewards are three sets of Desert Eagle Clips, a Large Medipack, and some Flares. If you currently do not have a Desert Eagle, you will find one here.

Crawl through the opening and pick up the Small Medipack. The next room has four buttons guarded by a line of rolling blades. When they roll to the right, quickly slide into the room, sprint for the Save Crystal and loop to the left. Go up the slope and press face first in either corner; this way, the blades will not hurt you. Press the button and repeat the process for the next button.

To get to the other side of the room, you need to wait for the blades to approach, and use a running jump over the axles. As soon as you land, sprint forward and press into a corner. Press the last two buttons in the same fashion to open the door. Now, get into a corner that is on the opposite side of the door. As the blades roll away, sprint into the door.

Climb up the ledge and slide down the slope. As soon as you land, pull the block on the left once to stop the spiked ceiling. Throw the three switches around the room to open the door, and then drop into the pit. Slide down into the hallway and pick up the Small Medipack. Turn left under the huge boulder and pull the switch. Now, turn around and quickly sprint down the path to avoid the boulder. As you enter the next hallway, immediately turn right and sprint down the steps to avoid the second boulder. If you missed the Save Crystal here, you can crawl back to it once you have reached safety.

You will arrive back in the first area of the level. A Tribesman will attack from the right and two more will come down the steps on the left. Once you are done with them, collect Secret 1 if you want, save your game at the top of the slope and slide down into the throne room. In here, pick up the Small Medipacks from both sides of the room and approach the throne. As you step up to it, the throne will turn around!

BOSS: PunaEdit

As soon as the throne turns, back flip away and start jumping left and right repeatedly. Puna will attack Lara with bolts of lightning, and a single hit will instantly kill her. He follows a pattern: first, he will fire four turquoise bolts, then fire one green bolt to either side of the room, summoning a Kimodo. Then the process starts over again. Puna will only be vulnerable during the short periods when he fires, so just bashing in there with your best weapons is a huge waste of ammunition.

There two strategies for this fight. The first is to equip the Rocket Launcher at the beginning of the fight, shoot Puna once, and then use the Desert Eagle or the Uzis for the remainder of the fight. The second is to use the MP5 for the entire fight. You should have enough ammunition for the MP5 if you want to use it. Lastly, you must make sure you have enough room to make your jumps, as you do not want to fall off the sides for a huge plummet to Lara’s death.

Continue to attack Puna while dodging his attacks. Keep up the pressure and defeat any Kimodos he summons. After putting out enough abuse, the throne will violently shake and explode, taking Puna with it. Climb up the steps and pick up the Ora Dagger, putting an end to your adventure in the South Pacific Islands.


  • The meteorite artifact that Lara seeks out has a different name depending on the version of the game. In the Playstation version of the game, Puna's meteorite artifact is called the Ora Dagger. While in the PC version of the game, the artifact is called Element 115. Regardless of the name of the artifact, the design of the artifact is still the same.