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Temple Ruins is the second level of Tomb Raider 3. In it, Lara continues her search for the Infada Stone in the Temple Ruins...



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Allies EncounteredEdit

Enemies EncounteredEdit

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  • Indian Jungles


  • 1 - 2x Small Medipack, Shotgun Shells and Flares
  • 2 - Shotgun Shells and MP5 Clips
  • 3 - Grenades, Flares and a Large Medipack
  • 4 - Desert Eagle Clips and Uzi Clips


Start by going into the small opening in the tree ahead and take the Small Medipack. From here on, watch out for cobras hiding in the grass. Continue forward and throw the switch. Run up the steps and drop into the hole. Crawl through and take the Small Medipack, ignoring the path to the left. Continue on, shooting the cobra around the corner and the two monkeys at the end. Climb out of the cave into the next area.

Climb into the green ledges to the left and take the MP5 Clips and the Shotgun Shells. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the small ledge in the center of the water. Take the Small Medipack and use a running jump to the ledges just ahead. The piranhas will not be able to harm Lara while there. Throw the switch in the right corner to open an underwater door. The door is in between the small gap in the ledges. Quickly swim through it and surface in the next area. Shoot the two monkeys and climb up the blocks in the mudslide. Jump and grab the upper ledge. Take the Uzi Clips and run across the mudslide, jumping to the next ledge. Shoot the next two monkeys and go to the end of the path. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the hard ledge to the left of the door. Take the Uzi Clips and return to the door.

Through the dark hallway, you will arrive back at the trees in the beginning, but high up above. There is a Save Crystal and a monkey nearby. Take a running jump to the branch ahead, to your left. From here, use a running jump to the next branch and then a running jump with no grab to reach the far branch. If you use a grab, Lara will fall as soon as you reach the branch. In here, take the Flares, and jump back, again without a grab, and jump around the branches until you get to one with some Desert Eagle Clips. Return to the first branch and use a running jump with a grab to reach the stone ledge. From here, use a running jump to the tree with a Small Medipack. Use a standing jump to the ledges to the left. Climb up through the cave and drop down next to the waterfall. Slide down backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy right and pull up on a ledge with some Shotgun Shells. Drop down to the flat green ledge and use a running jump with a grab to reach the cave behind the falls. Shoot the cobra and take the Flares from the cave.

Backtrack to the flat ledge and climb back up. Jump to the next ledge and shoot the monkey before crawling through the opening. Shoot the cobra on the right, and then slide down and kill the next cobra. Slide down the next slope while going right, not left, in order to avoid the boulder. In the next room, go to the right of the statue and pull out the block to find a crawlspace and some Shotgun Shells. There is a Shotgun beside the statue (or some Shotgun Shells if you already have it). Crawl through the next room and a Shiva Statue will reanimate. Quickly climb up to the ledge to the right with the Save Crystal and fight the Shiva.

Once it is dead, use the two switches on the ledge. Approach the pit on the floor to open a trapdoor. Go into the pit and throw the switch.

Secret 1Edit

The wall next to the switch is actually a block. Push it to reveal a hidden room and trigger the Secret. Crawl under the darts and approach the hole. If you are really brave, take the Small Medi-pack from the hole and quickly climb out before the boulder can go through it and kill Lara. Go through the room, while avoiding the darts. If a dart ever hits you, you will be poisoned. Your rewards are a Small Medipack, some Flares, and some Shotgun Shells.

Leave the pit and go into the nearby hallway. As soon as you enter, the door will close behind you, so you have no choice but to jump into the quicksand ahead. Keep wading through and you should be able to go through it without sinking. Climb out to the mudslide and turn around. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge. Pull up and shoot the monkey before taking the Small Medipack. Throw the switch to open the door. It may be wise to save before entering. You can simply sprint down the hallway or jump over the blade. Either way, you will take a small damage, even if you are quick enough.

Continue up the stairs to the next room and shoot the two monkeys.

Secret 2Edit

In this room, go right and find a movable block in the second pillar. Pull it out and push it up next to the central structure. Climb atop the block and climb up the ledge. Walk around the ledge until Lara can spot a dark hole in the ceiling. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the hidden ladder. Climb to the top. Your rewards are some Shotgun Shells and some MP5 Clips. Before leaving, throw the switch next to the ladder or you will not be able to get Secret 3. To get back to the ground floor, climb all the way down the ladder and let go. Lara will suffer some damage, but this is the only way to exit the secret room.

Use the movable block and push it up next the central structure. Find the switch beneath the gates at the base of the structure and then climb up to the upper level. Go through the door and dive into the water. Throw the lever to open an underwater door and swim through the tunnel. Turn right, throw the lever and then turn around and swim to the second lever. Pull it and swim back to the tunnel, surfacing in the ceiling. In here, jump into the water and throw the two levers to activate the burners.

Secret 3Edit

Pull the underwater lever at the base of the steps, quickly turn around and swim into the opening to the right. You should just barely make it inside. Your rewards are some Flares, a Large Medipack, and some Grenades. The door will remain open, so you can resurface if you are low on oxygen. If you did not pull the lever in Secret 2, then the underwater lever will not work, costing you this secret.

The burners will reveal invisible platforms. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the nearest one, and then jump across to the second. Use another standing jump with a grab to reach the ledge with a switch. Throw it and jump left. Run off the platform down to the ground and sprint through the door before it closes. There is a Save Crystal nearby, but you can obtain it later. Run to your right and throw the switch to activate a spiked wall. Sprint to the left end of the chamber and quickly pick up the first Ganesha Key. Quickly sprint back to the door before the spiked wall can touch Lara. After it passes, go to where it originally was and pick up the Small Medipack and some MP5 Clips.

Go back to the pool room to find that the water has turned into quicksand. Wade through it, sticking to either wall, and climb the mudslide at the end. Climb up into the hallway and the stairs. Take the Flares and move up the slope backwards. As soon as you hit the second step, run back to the entrance to avoid the boulder. Follow the path to two gates. The left gate is harder than the right one. In the left gate, you must jump over a blade while a boulder is already chasing Lara. Sprint down the path and quickly crawl into the opening to the right. In the right gate, simply shoot the monkey and throw the switch. The two paths converge. Follow the path up and you will arrive in a room with two monkeys. Take the Small Medipack and the Save Crystal. Go down the next path and climb down the ladder. Safety drop down to the room and you will return to the room with the first Shiva Statue.

Go into the other hallway and into the pool room. Shoot the two monkeys and go into the next room. Avoid the burner and swim across the pool to throw the switch. It will open a door in this area. Swim through the door, while avoiding the darts, and to the next room. Stay on the edges of the pool to avoid the falling debris. Surface and climb out on the small green ledge and pick up the Small Medipack. Swim to the other green ledge and climb out. Climb up the ladder and back flip to the platform behind Lara. From here, use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge ahead. Stand and jump to the next ledge, and then use a standing jump with a grab to grab the ladder. Climb to the top of the ladder, and use a diagonal standing jump to a lower ledge. Now, use a running jump to a ledge with a cobra. Kill it and jump to the next ledge. Finally, stand and jump to the hallway. As soon as you land, back off and grab the ledge to avoid the boulder.

In the hallway, crawl through the darts, while keeping an eye on the blades. The next challenge is a spike pit. To the left of the entrance to it is a Small Medipack.

Secret 4Edit

Hang from the edge of the pit and shimmy left. Drop down on the safe spot and crawl through the opening. Make your way through the hallway and shoot the cobra. Your rewards are some Uzi Clips and Desert Eagle Clips, as well as a Save Crystal. Now, drop back into the pool room and backtrack to the spike pit.

Use a running jump to reach the other side of the spike pit, and take the Save Crystal. To the right of the Save Crystal is a block, so push it. Push the next block until it cannot go any further. Now, there are three blocks in this corridor. Push the blocks on the left and right, and then push the central block to either left or right, not directly in. This will reveal a switch that floods the first pool room. Go into the stone passageway and run down the path to your left. Two boulders will chase you, so use a running jump to clear the pit at the end.

Hang over the edge of the next pit and carefully drop into the water, being careful with the darts. Return to the first pool room. It is now flooded, so jump into the water and pull the lever. This opens the door and allows you to take the second Ganesha Key. Return to the room with the first Shiva Statue and use the two keys to open the gates. It may be wise to save your game here. In the next room, jump over the small pit and quickly climb the ladder to bypass the spiked ceiling.

In the next room, take the Save Crystal and go to one of the corners, where there is a block. Pull it out and climb atop. Now, use a running jump with a grab to reach the upper ledge. Throw the switch, jump the gap, throw another switch, and drop back into the ground floor. Run in front of the open gates to lure out the boulder. Go inside and go either left or right. Crawl under the burners.

In the next room, two Shiva Statues will reanimate. Quickly climb up the ledge with a third Shiva and fight them from safety. Once defeated, take a Scimitar from each statue and use them on the third statue. There is a Small Medipack in the small pool and some Shotgun Shells on the ledge to the left of the gates.

Go into the gates and take the Uzi Clips from the pit. Go either left or right and drop into the next room. Follow the steps up to the next room, where you will find Randy and Rory, Tony’s companions, dead. Another Shiva Statue will reanimate as you approach the central platform. You know what you have to do. Take the first Ganesha Key from the central platform. You can also pick up some Flares from the other platform. Approach the door near the caged pit and it will open. It may be wise to save here, as the next trap can be very tough to pass by. Anyway, light a Flare and sprint straight into the room. Throw the switch in front of you, roll, run right, throw the second switch, and quickly go down the small corridor before the spiked ceiling can touch Lara. In here, you will find a second Ganesha Key. Return to the previous room.

Head to the next room, where there are three keyholes. Take the Save Crystal and jump into the small pool, where a current will try to suck Lara into two spiked walls. Fight the current and swim left or right. Pull the lever, and repeat the process for the lever in the other side. The current will deactivate. Take the third Ganesha Key and resurface. Use the three keys to open the gate. Go through the gate to finish the level.

Lara slides down out of the temple ruins and spots Tony floating down the river on a raft. Lara deducts that he has the artifact and opens fire on him, but Tony causes the pillars nearby to collapse. Lara jumps out of the way and dodges the pillars. One last pillar falls, but Lara barely manages to get out of the way. Lara then looks on as Tony laughs at her. Lara gets up and runs after Tony, but she then spots a quad bike behind a waterfall. Lara runs to the bike.


The cutscene for this level: