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The Survivor Timeline is the second reboot of the Tomb Raider video game franchise, featuring a new incarnation of Lara Croft and a much more grounded setting.

Lara Croft[]


Lara Croft is significantly different within this timeline, being much younger than earlier incarnations as her first adventures, which leads her to dedicate her life to uncovering the secrets of the past.

Camilla Luddington provides the voice of Lara as well as motion and facial capture.



So far there are only three games within the timeline.


The first comic released is a prequel to the first game and it's appropriately called Tomb Raider: The Beginning. Published on the release date of the first game, it was the first of the non-game related canon lore release. The comic book series that followed it was published by Dark Horse Comics to bridge the gap between the games.


The Ten Thousand Immortals was a novel set between the events of Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider was released in 2014; it is considered canon despite a few inaccuracies between it and the comics series. A second novel, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Path of the Apocalypse takes place in the beginning of the third game between Lara's departure from Mexico and arrival in Peru.

Chronology of Events[]

300 BCE – 300 AD[]

  • Yayoi period on Yamatai
  • A foreign ambassador visits Yamatai with the intention of spying on Queen Himiko and assessing her armies. He finds that Himiko has an unnatural hold over the populace. Near the end of his visit, he witnesses Himiko using her unnatural power first-hand. He resolves to leave Yamatai and urge his lord to not trifle with Himiko.
  • Several foreign realms attempt to conquer Yamatai, none succeed.



  • Decius is fully devoted to the Prophet and recruits more followers from the upper class of Constantinople.[2]


  • The Prophet is chased from Constantinople by the Knights of the Order of Trinity.[3]


  • Rayne of Tarsus paints a Byzantine fresco depicting the massacre of the Prophet and his people.


  • Prophet and his people reached their new home, that will be known as Kitezh.[4]

c. 1185–1333[]

  • Kamakura period on Yamatai.
  • Civilization is present on Yamatai Island until sometime in this period, as many buildings on the island date from the Kamakura period, especially in the Mountain Village.
  • Himiko attempts to possess Hoshi at some point in this period. However, Hoshi kills herself during the ritual, trapping Himiko inside her corpse. The Stormguard General kills himself shortly afterwards, due to the belief that he failed Himiko.



November 24[]

  • Andres Lopez and Truylos Serrano reaches Paititi with a group of twelve soldiers, and two molossers.

November 26[]

  • Andres Lopez questions the Trinity.

November 29[]

November 30[]

  • Andres Lopez set out from Paititi towards the Cenote, just as the flu starts to spread among the natives.

December 1[]

  • Andres Lopez and Truylos Serrano enter the Cenote in search of the Silver Box.

December 21[]

  • Andres Lopez confesses his plans to Truylos Serrano, and they leave the Cenote.
  • Andres Lopez and Truylos Serrano leave Paititi with the Silver Box.

December 25[]

  • Andres Lopez and Truylos Serrano arrive at the Mission of San Juan.

December 26[]

  • Andres Lopez decided to stay at the mission, and spread God's word, and hide the Silver Box

December 30[]

  • Andres Lopez recruited many people from neighboring village, he also noted some of the Yaaxil following him.


December 18[]

  • Andres Lopez, now known as Angel de la Cruz, started building the library to hide the Silver Box.

1849 - 1855[]

  • An oil painting depicting Sir Galahad kneeling in front of the Holy Grail comes into being.


  • A wood engraving is created in this year depicting the Fountain of Youth.


April 20[]

May 23[]

  • Jack Fawcett marks in his journal that everyone is in high spirit.

May 30[]

  • Percy Fawcett and the group leave dead horse camp behind and move deeper into the jungle.
  • Raleigh Rimmel injured his leg.

June 6[]

  • Jack Fawcett makes another journal entry marking that all is well, though he notices some change in his father.

July 18[]

  • Raleigh Rimmel died due to the infection that set-in days earlier.

August 1[]

  • Jack Fawcett writes in his journal that they have run out of food, but both of them are too stubborn to give up the search.

August 9[]

  • Jack Fawcett as the only one left, leaves behind a journal just in case he won't survive the journey to find Z.

1939 - 1945[]


December 7[]

  • American entry in World War II.

1942 - 1945[]

  • The Japanese military occupies Yamatai. After several encounters with the Stormguard, the occupation force relocates to an old monastery. Due to Trinity operative's urging, the occupation force investigates a nearby tomb for the answer of the storms. The operative sabotages the Japanese occupants, causing the entire force to be wiped out by the Stormguard.







  • Soviets install base in Remnant Valley.
  • Ivan is imprisoned for treason.
  • Serafima gives birth to a daughter.
  • Serafima takes up the mantle of Baba Yaga.
  • Remnants revolt against the Soviet invaders.


Joslin Reyes is born.


  • Conrad Roth served 2 Combat duties with the Royal Marines
  • Samantha's mother meets Samantha's father while working as a model in Los Angeles.
  • Jacob begins a relationship with a woman named Alya
  • Sofia is Born.



  • The other survivors from Mathias's plane crash die when they attempt to escape the island by sea.
  • Mathias decides to uncover Yamatai's secrets.


November 25[]


  • Richard Croft receives doctor of archaeology degree from Oxford.




October 13[]

Mathias decides to form a group devoted to discovering the secrets of Yamatai.



February 14[]

  • Mathias crash lands in Yamatai.


October 24[]

  • Vladimir, Nikolai and Dmitri are shipwrecked on Yamatai. They and their fellow crewmembers are approached by Mathias. Mathias offers to recruit the Russians; those that refused were executed.
  • The Solarii Brotherhood is formed.
  • Mathias decides to make laws for the Solarii.


January 21[]

  • Mathias migrates the Solarii inland to Himiko's old palace.

1997 - 2011[]

  • The Solarii occupy the palace and build a small town around it.


  • Conrad Roth and Angus Grimaldi go on a mission in Somalia.


October 15[]

  • The London Times published an article detailing Richard Crofts disgrace.


  • Richard Croft is assassinated by Trinity by being shot in the head and staged as suicide.


March 15[]

  • The London Observer prints a headline that ruins the Croft family's reputation.


  • Sam meets Lara after starting university.
  • Lara works as a barmaid at the 9 Bells.

Before 2013[]

  • A medieval ink drawing depicting the Prophets Sarcophagus is created.


  • Sam and Lara finish their Education at University College London circa Late August 2013.

Day -3[]

  • James Whitman is told that his show, Whitman's World, is commissioned for a third season.
  • Whitman goes to the Endurance to meet the crew. Sam, Lara, Roth, and Grim are aboard.
  • Roth calls Reyes in to fix a technical issue in the engine room.

Day -2[]

  • Reyes arrives at the Endurance to fix the engine issue and does so.
  • Thomas (Whitman's agent) calls Whitman, telling him that funding for the third season of Whitman's World has been pulled.

Day -1[]

  • Whitman meets his ex-wife Sheila at their home. He finds her removing the home's contents.
  • Whitman steals several artefacts on loan from the British Museum for the show. He attempts to sell these to Mr. Hong for funds to keep the show going.
  • The deal with Mr. Hong goes bad, and a henchman beats Whitman. Jonah comes to his rescue at Roth's request, shooting several of Mr. Hong's henchmen, as well as Mr. Hong himself.
  • Alex goes to the Endurance, looking for sanctuary for hacking into a government database.
  • Alex tries to help the Endurance crew get funding by hacking into gambling websites, but the attempt fails.
  • Lara asks Sam to get her uncle to help fund the Endurance expedition. Sam's uncle accepts.
  • Sam becomes Whitman's camerawoman and begins filming the crew.

Day 0[]

  • The Endurance begins its voyage to search for Yamatai.

Day 21[]

  • Reyes tells Lara that she has no faith in the expedition and is only there for a paycheck.

Day 22[]

  • Conrad Roth sends out an SOS before the Endurance is destroyed.
  • Tomb Raider (2013) begins.
  • The Endurance is shipwrecked by a storm at Yamatai. Many crew members survive, including Lara, Sam, Roth, Grim, Reyes, Jonah, Alex, and Dr. Whitman.
  • Lara is taken prisoner by a Yamatai resident.

Day 23[]

  • Lara escapes from the scavenger's den and manages to reach the surface.
  • Lara makes her way inland and finds Sam's bag.
  • Lara camps for the night, leaving the radio on.

Day 24[]

  • Lara goes hunting to find food and kills a deer; the first instance of her directly killing anything in the series.
  • Lara intercepts a transmission from Roth and goes to meet him.
  • Lara finds Sam with a man named Mathias.
  • Sam is kidnapped by Mathias.
  • Lara is caught in a bear trap and is attacked by several wolves.
  • The Solarii tow in the remains of the Endurance.
  • Lara kills Vladimir when he tried to kill her - her first human kill. Several other Solarii are reluctantly killed by Lara during her escape.
  • Roth is attacked by wolves. His leg is injured during the attack.
  • Lara retrieves Roth's transmitter and heads for the radio tower on top of the mountain.
  • Lara successfully sends out an SOS from an old World War II base. A search party hears her SOS, who has been looking for the Endurance crew since Roth sent the first SOS from the Endurance.
  • A rescue plane - co-piloted by Captain Jessop - arrives to Yamatai, but is brought down by Himiko's storm.
  • The rescue plane's pilot is killed by Solarii.
  • Jessop is taken prisoner by the Solarii.
  • Lara is captured by Solarii after a failed attempt to save Jessop. She escapes while avoiding the Stormguard.
  • Sam manages to send a message for help which Lara receives.
  • Lara must self-cauterize the wound in her side after causing additional damage to it while exploring.
  • Angus Grimaldi falls to his death.
  • The fire ritual is performed, and Himiko finds Sam worthy.
  • Lara finds the remaining crew held captive and rescues them, before setting Sam free.
  • Roth and Lara manage to board a rescue chopper, though it crashes after Lara threatens the pilot who refused to go back for the others.
  • Roth dies defending Lara from a tomahawk thrown by Mathias. His body is burned on a funeral pyre.

Day 25[]

  • The remaining Endurance survivors set up camp on a beach to fix a boat in hopes of leaving.
  • Alex Weiss goes to search for tools from the wreckage of the Endurance.
  • Whitman returns to the Endurance group, Lara accosts him, before going off to find Alex.
  • Alex is trapped in the engine room of the Endurance.
  • Alex Weiss sacrifices himself to set off an explosion sinking half of the Endurance.
  • Lara discovers that there may be answers in the ruins of the military base up in the cliffs. She investigates, discovering the final words of the Stormguard General.
  • Whitman kidnaps Sam and brings her to Mathias during a Solarii attack on the Endurance survivor camp.
  • Reyes agrees to take the boat inland to try and save Sam, instead of trying to leave.

Day 26[]

  • Whitman is killed by the Stormguard.
  • Lara learns the truth about Himiko's soul transfer.
  • Lara kills the Stormguard Stalker, the apparent leader of the Stormguard.
  • Mathias is killed by Lara, who shoots him off a roof.
  • Lara interrupts Himiko's soul transfer by burning her body with her torch, releasing Himiko's soul and ending the storms.
  • Lara, Jonah, Sam and Reyes leave Yamatai.

Unknown Day[]

  • Survivors of the Endurance are picked up by passing cargo freighter, Margane.

Approximately one week after leaving Yamatai[]

Events of the novel The Ten Thousand Immortals, which takes roughly 25 days for Lara to experience.

Late 2013 (Approximately six weeks after Yamatai)[]

  • Lara and Sam have night terrors about Yamatai. Lara notices a odd bruise on Sam's arm, Sam shrugs it off, and lashes out when Lara pushes the issue. Lara then gets a call from Jonah to go to Devil's Rest.
  • Lara arrives in Devil's Nest, near the Grand Canyon. Lara enters Jonah's trailer, and a delirious Jonah points a gun at her. Lara's driver, Ray, listens to their conversation.
  • A rainstorm occurs near Jonah's trailer, causing a flood. Lara escapes the trailer, but Jonah's trailer explodes.
  • Lara rescues an unconscious Jonah from the trailer. After she pulls Jonah to safety, Ray tries to rob and murder the two. Ray is knocked off a cliff by Lara, causing his death.

Three Days Later[]

  • Lara visits Trinity College in Dublin.
  • Lara presents two artifacts Jonah gave her to Professor Cahalane. He finds the antefix to have a prophecy inscribed upon it and the idol to be a representation of a makara.
  • The Solarii worshippers capture Alisha in order to force Lara and Reyes to return their gold pieces.
  • Lara visits Reyes at the Spire of Hope. She presents her dragon artifact to Lara, claiming all the Endurance survivors have their own artifact. A Solarii worshipper, Matsu, approaches them.
  • The Solarii brings Alisha to Lara and Reyes to force them to hand over their gold pieces. Matsu gives the order to shoot Alisha, but Danny shoots at the Solarii. Reyes, Lara, and Alisha escape in the confusion.
  • Cahalane is killed by Solarii.
  • Sam is taken captive by the Solarii.
  • Lara hits a Solarii with a busker's guitar. She takes his gun and tries to evade the Solarii.
  • Lara is nearly killed by a Solarii, but Reyes knocks him out. Lara tells Reyes that they must return to Yamatai.
  • Jonah wakes up and agrees with Lara to return to Yamatai.
  • Lara goes back to Trinity College, finding Cahalane dead.
  • Lara, Reyes, and Jonah go to Japan and board the Jerung, with the intention of using it to return to Yamatai.

Day 75[]

  • The ship catches fire, and the captain is killed by invaders. Lara, Reyes, and Jonah escape to Yamatai.
  • Lara brings the known artifacts the Solarii want, and threatens to throw them into the sea if the Solarii do not return Sam.
  • Lara discovers that Sam is being held at the island's monastery by a wounded Solarii.
  • Lara returns to the Endurance and falls into the water. She relearns that she took Alex's pocket watch in order to return it to his sister.
  • Danny saves Lara from drowning and brings her to his camp.
  • Solarii attack Danny's camp and Danny and Lara are taken prisoner.
  • Matsu attempts to do a ritual to resurrect Mathias by killing Lara. Jonah and Reyes prevent the ritual from occurring, and Sam stabs Matsu.
  • Mathias is apparently resurrected in Matsu's body, but he and the remaining Solarii are killed.

Day 76[]

  • Danny attempts to kill Lara to prevent Mathias from ever being resurrected. He admits to leading the ambush on the ship the day before.
  • Danny shoots Lara in the shoulder, leading her to kill him in self defence using a grenade.
  • Lara reunites with Reyes, Sam and Jonah.

Unknown date[]

  • Approximate day Lara returns to London.


Early 2014[]

  • Lara sees a hallucination of Alex's corpse, telling her that his sister is in danger. Lara, in terror, falls off a cliff, but is saved from death by Reyes.
  • Mr. Femon is murdered by a Trinity agent when searching for Kaz Weiss.
  • Lara goes to Pripyat, Ukraine to search for Kaz. She evades a Ukrainian checkpoint while entering.
  • Kaz finds Lara and threatens her. Lara gives her Alex's pocket watch to gain her trust. Kaz's brothers-in-law, Viktor, Kirill and Pavel arrive and threatens to shoot Lara, thinking she worked for Trinity.
  • Lara disarms Viktor and threatens to kill him. Kaz tells everyone to lower their weapons and defuses the standoff.
  • Mr. Cruz throws a box containing Femon's prosthetic to Kaz, confirming his death.
  • Mr. Cruz, stabs Pavel, and points a gun a Lara and Kaz, asking them about others who know about Trinity. Kaz's dogs rout Mr. Cruz into the woods.
  • Lara is stabbed in a fight with Mr. Cruz. She gets a gun, shoots Mr. Cruz, and passes out.
  • Lara is taken to the house of Lucya's family to get medical aid, she is stitched by Lucya's mother, Varvara. Lucya takes Pavel to a hospital for more advanced treatment for his stab wound as well as radiation poisoning.
  • Viktor's house is destroyed by a Trinity helicopter co-piloted by Mr. Cruz, causing Viktor and Kirill to die.
  • Lara and Varvavra hide in the cellar and prepare molotov cocktails to aid their attack against Trinity.
  • Lara leaves the bunker to kill several Trinity soldiers. Kaz arrives to save Lara and kill the last one of the soldiers.
  • Lara dresses as one of the soldiers to approach the helicopter. When Mr. Cruz recognizes her, he orders the pilot to fire. However, Lara shoots first, killing the pilot and nearly killing Mr. Cruz. Lara offers to let Kaz live in her apartment.

c. one week later.[]

  • Lara and Kaz return to London, Kaz moves in with Lara and Sam.
  • Kaz changes her hair to try and remain incognito.
  • Mr. Cruz is sent to a hospital for severe burns and radiation poisoning. An agent arrives to speak to Mr. Cruz. Mr. Cruz tells him to finish his job and kill both Kaz and Lara.
  • Lara is working on a play with Jonah and Andrea. Andrea walks out due to Lara's poor acting abilities.
  • Lara attempts to persuade Andrea to stay in the play, and maybe give her some acting tips.
  • Lara and Andrea are mugged. Lara beats the muggers. Andrea is terrified of Lara and leaves the play.
  • Ramille is impressed by Lara's fighting skill and decides to abandon the mission to kill Lara in favour of training her to be his successor.
  • Ramile is told that his cancer is aggressive by his doctor.
  • The beaten muggers plot revenge on Lara but are killed by Mr. Ramile.
  • Mr. Cruz leaves the hospital against doctor's orders after Ramille informs him that he won't kill Lara.
  • Lara enters a subway and narrowly avoids being hit by a subway train.
  • Mr. Cruz is electrocuted to death.
  • Mr. Ramile is killed by a subway train, in an act of suicide after his failed attempt to recruit Lara as his protege.

Mid 2014[]

  • Lara begins working at the British Museum.
  • Sam begins working for a documentary crew.
  • Lara receives a message from a group known as Las Serpientes Que Caminan, claiming they have Grim, demanding $5 Million in exchange for his safe return.
  • Lara meets with her uncle Atlas, to attempt to gain control of the Croft estate and pay the ransom for Grim. He refuses.
  • Lara, Sam, Kaz and Jonah travel to Mexico to try and save Grim without the money for ransom.
  • In a dazed state, Sam jumps into the stormy ocean and kills a Shark.
  • The group arrives in Mexico.
  • Lara travels into the jungle alone, to try and find the bandits camp, finding a lost girl from the local village. Who offers to make her a map to the bandit's camp.
  • Lara returns the child to the village before heading back into the jungle.
  • Lara is captured by the bandits and meets their leader, Leticia Cortez.
  • Lara discovers that Grim's brother Cuddy is the man the bandits have imprisoned.
  • Lara and Cuddy escape captivity and steal Grim's boat from the bandits to travel upriver to rescue Sam, Kaz and Jonah.
  • Sam in a dazed state, kills one of the bandits.
  • Sam realizes that a portion of Himiko's soul lives within her.


November 10[]

  • Daily Bell publishes an article "Another Crazy Croft" about Lara.
  • Lara meets Ana at her London apartment after a break-in and shares her result on her father's research.

Unknown date[]

  • Lara travels to Syria to find the Prophet's Tomb. She ends up fighting off Trinity mercenaries led by Konstantin who proceed to destroy the tomb.
  • Lara returns to her family manor to look for the rest of her father's research on the Deathless Prophet of Constantinople and the Divine Source. She ends up finding the truth behind her mother's fate, which lets her take control of the Croft Estate back from her uncle, Atlas de Mornay. (This is covered in the Blood Ties DLC)
  • Days later, she finally reunites with Jonah after a man from Trinity breaks in and steals her father's notebook.

Two weeks later[]

  • Lara and Jonah depart for Siberia to look for Kitezh and end up separated by an avalanche.
  • Lara fights off against Trinity mercenaries occupying Kitezh's valley and meets the Remnants and their leader, Jacob, while learning of Ana's betrayal of her family.
  • Lara joins the Remnants in their fight against Konstantin's mercenaries while looking for the lost city of Kitezh.
  • Jonah is severely stabbed by Konstantin and healed by Jacob, revealing himself as the Deathless Prophet.
  • Lara defeats Konstantin, finds the Divine Source in Kitezh and destroys it to prevent anyone from ever using its power.
  • Ana is shot dead by a Trinity operative while Lara is escorting her out of Kitezh's valley.
  • Lara disables the Soviet Weapons Research Facility reactivated by trinity and threatening to overflow the Remnants' valley with toxic gas.

Two weeks later[]

  • Lara and Jonah are in Croft Manor, heading out for adventures.


  • Lara attends an Archaeology conference in Minnesota and comes into conflict with an organization known as the Knights of the Black Spore. As well as saving a fellow archaeologist; Professor Demur.
  • She later begins a search for a mythical mushroom supposedly linked to immortality, which the organization is after as well.
  • Lara, Jonah and Professor Demur depart to China's Yunnan province in search of the mushroom.
  • After a series of events, Professor Demur gets captures when the Knights of the Black Spore assault the village they camp at.
  • Lara works to take down the group whilst finding the cave where the mushroom was located.
  • Lara successfully acquires a sample of the black mushroom; however, Jonah gets captured in the process.
  • During the ransom handoff at a National Park to save Jonah, Professor Demur steals the mushroom sample and runs away while the local soldiers of the Black Spore get arrested.
  • Jonah and Lara locate Professor Demur in his hotel room, who has died due to the toxicity of the black mushroom. Lara and Jonah later defeat the last of the Knights of the Spore.
  • At the airport back to London, it is revealed that Samantha Nishimura was put into the Halberg Institute psychiatric facility in Sweden.
  • Sam escapes the psychiatric facility under the influence of a shard of Queen Himiko's spirit
  • After Sam's breakout, Lara travels to Sweden and breaks into the institute after receiving a call from an unknown number.
  • During Lara's break-in, she comes across Sam's parents who are furious at her, and Lara is forcibly evicted from the building. She then meets her contact; a nurse who works at the facility and finds out that an unknown corporation recently purchased the facility and that they are hurting patients.
  • During her second break in of the facility, Lara explores Sam's cell and figures out Himiko had successfully, but partially possessed her. However, she is captured and then beaten by staff members: It is revealed that Trinity now runs the facility and did some experiments on Sam to see if there was a connection between Sam, Himiko and the Divine Source of Kitezh.
  • Lara escapes the facility, while evading Trinity soldiers and heads to find Sam, and calls Jonah to explain what is going on.
  • On her way across Germany to find a way to return to Yamatai, Sam under the possession of Himiko causes some destruction of property, theft and amasses a cult of followers which includes several fellow escapees from the psychiatric facility.
  • Lara when exploring a way to save Sam comes across a news article on an artifact called the Wei mirror.
  • During her talks with the article's writer, Professor Morrow in Bamberg, Germany, they come under attack by Trinity soldiers at a cathedral.
  • Lara later goes and attempts to steal the Wei mirror from the warehouse it is stored in at the University of Berlin. However, she comes under attack from a sword bearing cultist who she duels, and defeats.
  • Jonah and Lara later set a trap for Sam after throwing Trinity off of their trail, and use the mirror to free Sam.
  • At the local hospital where Sam is recovering, Lara asks Sam's mother to take her into hiding to protect her.
  • Lara later runs off and goes exploring the world from that summer until winter while trying to find some normalcy in her life and exploring archaeological sites. During her travels she trains with Shaolin monks as well as fights Trinity soldiers excavating a site in Corniglia Italy. While visiting a secret monastery her father had kept secret which he had found in Egypt dedicated to the Pharoh Akhenaten and she fights off a Trinity kill team sent to eliminate her.
  • During her exploration and fight at the monastery, she comes across hieroglyphs mentioning a holy site at Antarctica which is purported to be the Garden of Eden.
  • Lara travels to Antarctica on a charter helicopter, and explores the dig site, which has a huge hole in the center and ruins visible through the ice.
  • During her exploration of the dig site, she comes across a tent where someone appears captured, however it turns out to be a suicide trap, and Lara is knocked out and attacked by Trinity after she wakes up and is eventually captured.
  • Lara is bound and taken to the final chamber by a Trinity operative named Nadija, who explains the history they have found of the site showing influence from four previous civilizations: Egypt, Thai, Catholic and an unknown final civilization.
  • At the bottom level of the excavation site, and at the base of a gigantic tree, Nadija explains to Lara that it is supposedly the mythical Tree of Eden.
  • Nadija forcefully gives Lara a piece of the tree's bark to experience the knowledge she learned; however, Lara undergoes hallucinations of her past amidst an overdose.
  • Jonah, who had been following Lara, saves her and helps her, and they block access to the tree before ascending.
  • Lara and Jonah escape the excavation site after it is collapsed through an avalanche following a remote detonation of explosives from a high trinity official known as The Cardinal, and Nadija jumps into the excavation site and dies near the tree.
  • Lara works with Jonah to take down Trinity piece by piece. They dismantle cells of the organization, all the while searching for the next part of the mystery Trinity is hoping to solve involving the pursuit of Immortality.

2018 [5][]

  • Lara visited Egypt and Lima before Mexico.
  • Lara and Jonah are researching a site in Mexico, Cozumel. Jonah mentions they have been at it for six weeks.
  • Lara follows Pedro Dominguez, and finds the Key of Chak Chel setting an apocalyptic event in motion.
  • Part of Cozumel is destroyed by the flood.
  • Pedro Dominguez takes the dagger from Lara.

Two days later[]

  • After helping the locals Lara and Jonah head to Peru, they crash the plane over the Amazon.
  • Miguel the pilot initially survives the crash but is killed by jaguars.
  • Lara finds Jonah, and they find their way to Kuwaq Yaku.
  • Local woman Abigaile Ortiz assist them in finding their way to Paititi.
  • Paititi turns out to be still populated by the descendants of the Maya and the Inca.
  • Lara gains the trust of queen Unuratu, getting her permission to seek the Silver Box of Ix Chel.
  • Pedro Dominguez is revealed to be Paititian, Amaru.
  • Unuratu is shot and killed by Rourke.
  • Lara, Jonah and Abby travel to Mission of San Juan.
  • They find the Silver Box, but it is taken by Amaru.
  • Village near the Mission of San Juan is destroyed in the mudslide.
  • Lara returns to Paititi, and assists in attack on the underground city, she even joins with the Crimson Fire and the Yaaxil.
  • Rourke is killed by Crimson Fire.
  • Trinity high council is killed by the Yaaxil.
  • Lara kills Amaru, who possessed the power of Kukulkan.
  • Lara takes the power and resists its temptation.
  • Lara is prepared to die to save the world, but only the godly power within her is sacrificed.

Two days later[]

  • Unuratu's funeral, Lara plans on staying in Paititi for a while.

Day later[]

  • Jonah travels to Kuwaq Yaku to spend time with Abigaile Ortiz.

Unknown date[]

  • Lara is back at Croft Manor, Winston is again working for her.


  • Discounting releases on different platforms, The Survivor Timeline is so far the only timeline of Tomb Raider to not feature new games being release in consecutive years.
    • However, there was at least one release every year for most of the timeline as Tomb Raider originally released in 2013 before seeing a next gen release in 2014, Rise of the Tomb Raider originally released in 2015 on Xbox platforms, releasing on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016. 2017 saw no new release, before Shadow of the Tomb Raider released in 2018.


  1. Prophet's Arrival
  2. Vow of Poverty
  3. Exile
  4. The Exodus
  5. A headstone in The Nightmare DLC put the events happening in-game during the year 2018.