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The Stormguard Stalker (also referred to as the "Oni Stalker") is one of the enemies encountered and the secondary antagonist of Tomb Raider. He is assumed to be the leader of Himiko's Stormguard after the Stormguard General committed Seppuku, and still protects the queen even though she is trapped in a decaying body.

First Appearance[]

He first appears when Lara Croft attempts to rescue the co-pilot of the crashed rescue plane. When Lara arrives, the Solarii have taken the pilot hostage over the bridge. She is overpowered by them and is knocked out, but as her vision dims she glimpses men running past her, slaughtering the Solarii, and the Stormguard Stalker appears with his allies.

Second Appearance[]

The Stalker passes Lara

Lara awakens in the larder, surrounded by corpses and captured yet again. She manages to escape through a hole in the wall, looking back as the Stalker is walking into the room. Lara continues into a chamber, where she is attacked by the Solarii. After killing them, Lara looks to see one of the cultists peering over the edge to ask why he's been hearing gunshots. He is ambushed by the Stalker, who doesn't notice Lara.

Third Appearance[]

Stalker killing enemies

His next appearance is when Lara sneaks into the chasm to rescue Sam. He is preparing for battle, likely against the Solarii, as the Oni help put on his armor. He catches Lara when she has just sneaked out and sends guards to attack. After a massive battle against the stormguards, she comes to face the stalker, however the strong winds blowing some wooden fences knock him out of the way for Lara to continue.

Fourth and Final Appearance[]

The Stalker challenging Lara

When Lara nearly reaches Sam, the Stalker appears to stop her. He first kills two Solarii cultists that were in his way. Lara and the Stormguard Stalker battle, and Lara realizes that the Stalker is armored everywhere but his back. After fighting off waves of Stormguards and crippling the Stalker, Lara smashes his helmet and delivers the killing blow with her climbing axe. The Stalker dies, rendering the Stormguard leaderless.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Undead Physiology: It is possible he is undead, and has been alive for centuries, due to curses placed on them by the Sun Queen. He roars in an inhuman way, and has inhuman facial features underneath his mask.
    • Enhanced Condition: He is far faster, stronger and more durable than any Solarii cultist or Oni soldier.
    • Inhuman Strength: He has a certain degree of superhuman strength, being able to wield his giant club to full effect, crush enemies with just his bare hands, and kick open a massive sealed door.
    • Inhuman Durability: He is far more resilient to damage than any human. He is able to sustain massive ballistic trauma, a few stabs to the head & falling off great heights without apparent injury.
    • Inhuman Stamina: Being possibly undead, he has no need for sustenance for survival (or it is never shown).
  • Stormguard Armor: His unique armored exterior is so strong that he is impervious to ballistic trauma.
  • Ancient Weaponry: Having been trained in older forms of weaponry, all Stormguard soldiers can expertly use weapons, such as bow and arrows or katanas.
  • War Expertise: These soldiers have been trained since birth in the arts of war, combat and swordsmanship.