Stormguard general

The General's remains.

The Stormguard General was the leader of the Stormguard, elite samurai who were based on the island of Yamatai. He was their leader at some point during the Kamakura period(circa 1185-1333BCE). The player is able to obtain three ancient scrolls left by the General, and will find his body later in the Tomb Raider (2013) game. It shows how committed to the Queen their people were, as the General swore his own life to protect her. As Hoshi, the Sun Queen's successor, took her own life with his own dagger, which she'd stolen from him, he believed that he failed his mission and committed Seppuku. However, the rest of the Stormguard continue to protect their decaying Queen.


Ancient Scrolls are found all around the island for the player to find. Three tell the story of the Stormguard, with the final one in the Stormguard General's sword.

General: Oath of AllegianceEdit

My Queen, as I stand in your Light, I swear this oath of allegiance to you. As your first Stormguard and general of your armies, I will serve you unconditionally and protect the lands of Yamatai and all your people. I will stand at your side for the remainder of my days, relinquishing my post only at your command. If I should fail in my duties, my life is forfeit. My heart beats at your command; my breath is drawn at your pleasure. From this moment on wards, I answer only to you.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

This old scroll contain the oath of allegiance taken by the Stormguard General. He pledged his very life to the Sun Queen.

 General: The ConquerersEdit

Stormguard Warriors, today we stand on the brink of a great change. The enemy fleet that sails to our shore will be the Last to ever attempt an invasion of our beloved Yamatai. The rage of our great Sun Queen will raise up a mighty storm and we will ride forth upon the winds to destroy them. But when we emerge victorious, we will not stop. A new day will dawn as our Queen’s Light will reach across the ocean to touch all lands. While we of Yamatai bask in the warmth of her grace, those who opposes us will burn.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A Record of the General’s speech given on the eve of a great battle. If the Yamatai were conquerors, what stopped them?

General: Last WordsEdit

I have failed my Queen. The ritual was corrupted, the priestess knew only death could save her and took her own life. Now the first and last Queen lives a half-life, a soul in a decayed body. Her rage became the storms and will not stop while her soul is tied to this earth. My Stormguards are sworn to protect her, they must continue, but I cannot.