"Me adventures at sea are an embarrassment."
―Stephen Barr[src]

Stephen Barr was one of the sailors of the HMS Beagle who had been employed by Charles Darwin to travel the world to collect specimens and samples. On their journey, Stephen carried a diary with him detailing each and every day. He travelled with Paul Caulfield, Smythe, Henderson and Jonson.


Sample CollectingEdit

"The only tales I'll 'ave to tell are hours of bird watchin', pickin' and pressin' flowers, followin' them blasphemous ideas of the guv'nah, Darwin."
―Stephen Barr[src]

Arrival at Antarctica.

It is clear that Stephen did not agree with Charles Darwin's ideas and that he did not very much enjoy collecting samples for him. But as a paid job, Stephen and his fellow sailors accepted this commission and left London in the HMS Beagle. During the journey, the sailors became tired of constantly eating vegetable broth and wished to search for meat. For now, they would abandon the task they had been given. On arrival at Antarctica, the five men travel to the island in a smaller boat. They discover the tracks of a wolf and venture into some caves leading into the lost city of Tinnos, a Polynesian settlement. Carrying a lantern in one hand, Stephen inspects a wall that has been carved with human faces. The sailors then walk across a perilous ice bridge and into a dark cavern. There, they make a discovery. Four strangely carved artefacts. The sailors take these artefacts thinking about the money that they might be worth back in England. Suddenly, the creature that they were tracking appears and attacks Paul. Stephen takes a shot at the creature with his gun and it flees. Smythe, Henderson and Jonson flee back into the tunnel but Stephen stays to carry Paul's dying body. As Stephen makes his way to where his colleagues are waiting on an ice bridge, the bridge collapses sending the sailors sliding through a tunnel and crashing through to the outdoors. Paul is dead. The four sailors bury his body and vow not to tell Darwin the truth about Paul's fate, or else they would be back on the strange island to hunt down the canine creature. The sailors leave, continuing their sample collecting across the world.

Curse of the ArtefactsEdit

"Stephen was to be the only survivor of the four."
―Dr. Mark Willard[src]
Eye of Isis

The Eye of Isis.

However, during each visited continent - India, America and the South Pacific Islands - Stephen's fellow sailors are murdered or killed, and their artefacts lost to these other countries. Stephen is the last sailor left and he alone survives to return to London. He sells off his artefact, the Eye of Isis, considering that a curse may have been responsible for the deaths of his colleagues. The artefact would subsequently find itself in a museum before being stolen by a woman called Sophia Leigh.

Diary DiscoveryEdit

"Our excavations and investigations have led us to this."
―Dr. Mark Willard[src]

Lara reads Stephen's diary.

In 1998, a team of researchers from Rock Technology (RX-Tech), were on site in Antarctica. There, they made some interesting finds. Unknown material from a meteorite, evidence of a Polynesian settlement and the grave of Paul Caulfield. From Paul's grave Dr. Mark Willard was able to track down the identity of Paul's colleagues including Stephen. His investigations led him to Stephen's diary which detailed their entire voyage on the HMS Beagle and where their artefacts ended up. He shows Lara Croft this diary in India to tell her the story of the artefacts in order to persuade her to search for the others for him, having already recovered the Infada Stone.


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FMV - SailorsEdit

  • August fourteenth, eighteen thirty four. This voyage is getting too boring for me to go on with this journal. Me adventures at sea are an embarrassment. The only tales I'll 'ave to tell are hours of bird watchin', pickin' and pressin' flowers, followin' them blasphemous ideas of the guv'nah, Darwin. But this don't even concern me now. I jus' want food. Somethin' more than vegetable broth in me. Today, we five 'ave made a pact. The only sampling we're gonna be doing is for meat... pure, solid, blood-rich meat.
  • Paul...