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Sofia is a member of Remnants. She is the daughter of Jacob.

She is the military leader of the Remnants.


Early Life[]

Sofia was born to Jacob and a woman named Alya in the Remnant village. Despite Jacob's belief that she would be a symbol of him being an unfit leader, Sofia became a skilled hunter and leader, earning the respect of the entire village.

Sofia became a teacher to all the younger members of the community, teaching them how to hunt, as well as becoming the leader of the Remnants' military, in their efforts to protect The Divine Source, hidden within the city of Kitezh.

Trinity's Invasion[]

Trinity found the location of Kitezh and made their way to the area, setting up base in an old Soviet Installation near the Remnant village, capturing many of the remnants, including Jacob.

Sofia takes aim at pursuers

Sofia encountered Trinity's forces while looking for her father, along with a man Elias [1]. After being caught, they fled through the wilderness, Elias was shot down and caught by Trinity's forces, Sofia killed two of them though she ran out of arrows. One of the goons executed Elias, with no way to defend herself, Sofia had no choice but to flee, several soldiers giving chase, though she manage to evade capture.

Sofia Confronting Lara

While laying low and resupplying arrows, Sofia spotted another person, Lara Croft, who she witnessed killing several Trinity soldiers. Knowing she was not with Trinity, Sofia followed her to find out who she was, confronting her on an overlook near an old soviet factory. Lara proclaimed herself as not an enemy, though Sofia was not entirely convinced, stating she had witnessed her kill Trinity soldiers, Lara reasoned with Sofia that she had done so to survive, which she points out Sofia had done the same, having herself witnessed Sofia killing Trinity soldiers. Sofia wordlessly concedes and lowers her bow. When Lara asks her about Trinity, she tells them they had been there several days, and suggests Lara leave before it's too late. Lara objects, on the grounds she had come for "something important." Sofia raises her bow once more as she knew Trinity were after the same thing. She warns Lara that she will "put an arrow in [her] throat." if she sees Lara again. Lara insists they are on the same side, before being distracted by an explosion, which Sofia uses to slip away unseen.

Sofia reunites with Jacob

Sofia returns to the village to await the return of her father, and to protect her people. She is alerted to the presence of Lara by one of the scouts, and arrives with an ambush, surrounding her with weapons drawn. Lara claims that she was told to come by Jacob. Though he had still not arrived, disbelieving that Jacob would trust an outsider, Sofia prepares to make good on her earlier threat, however Jacob arrives in the nick of time. Sofia rushes to greet him. He asks Lara's forgiveness for Sofia's apprehension towards her, though Lara understands. declares that none of them are to harm Lara as she is a friend. Jacob alerts the village that Trinity are preparing for an assault on the village, he instructs Sofia to rally the villager army, and meet him in the upper village.

Sofia gathers warriors of the village, and gives them their battle plan, though acknowledges it will be a tough fight and they will take losses. She gives instruction for the elderly and children to be taken to the catacombs in the the acropolis, where it would be safer. Lara approaches her and tries once more to offer her assistance, though Sofia dismisses her.

Sofia heads to the catacombs, to keep the elderly and children safe, however she is ambushed and captured by Trinity. Before they can execute her and the other prisoners, she is rescued by Lara. She thanks Lara for saving them and admits she misjudged her. Lara tells Sofia to get the others to safety while she pushes back against Trinity.

Sofia Helping Lara

After Trinity's forces in the area have been defeated, Sofia finds Lara who is in the process of leaving to search for the Atlas. She tells Lara that she wants to help her to repay her for her help, and reveals the location of the Atlas, which is hidden in the archives beneath the Cathedral. She tells Lara that she won't go with her, because of the Deathless Ones who are guarding the Atlas and will kill any and all trespassers, she also gives her a wire spool, which Lara uses to create a makeshift grappling hook.

Sofia later meets she Jonah, who the Remnants found half dead in the tundra. When he claims to be a friend of Lara's they take him to the Observatory to wait for her return. When Lara returns, after a brief reunion with Jonah, Sofia tells Lara that Jacob is waiting for her. After Trinity attack the observatory, taking Jonah and the Atlas. Lara makes her way to the Soviet Weather station to rescue him. Sofia radios Lara to tell herthat there was some gear claimed from Trinity which Lara may find useful.

Lara returns with Jonah and several other Remnants who were being held prisoner. Lara informs them that Trinity know where Kitezh is hidden. When they spot Trinity's helicopter's heading to the glacier, they realise that Trinity are going to use brute force to get into the city. Sofia takes troops to hold of Trinity's forces to buy Lara some time.

Trinity get through the ice and into the city, Sofia makes her way down into the city along with several other men, and commandeers a trebuchet in order to provide Lara with cover killing dozens of Trinity soldiers. She begins firing at Konstantin's gunship, however he is able to easily evade her fire. Lara encourages her to keep firing so she can shatter the projectiles making it harder for Konstantin to evade them, eventually damaging it to the point it is force to make a crash landing.

Sofia thanks Lara

Sofia thanks Lara for her help stopping Trinity.

Sofia returns to the village after the battle is concluded, and awaits the return of Lara and Jacob. Lara arrives alone, and informs Sofia that the source had to be destroyed, and as a result Jacob had died. Sofia is saddened by the loss of her father, expressing her regret that she couldn't be there for him at the end. She thanks Lara for her help, in ridding the valley of Trinity, and ending their threat once and for all. Lara asks what she will do now, Sofia insists that even without their obligation to protect the Divine Source, the valley was still home, and that the remnants will rebuild, marking her taking her father's mantle as leader.

When the time comes for Lara to return home, Sofia insists that Lara take the Atlas with her as a token of appreciation for all she had done for the remnants in her short time in the valley.

Cold Darkness Awakened[]

Sofia is present in the helicopter with Nadia during Lara's mission to shut down the old Soviet weapons facility.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider[]

Sofia wrote Lara about the events in the valley. The people have become more agricultural, and they have started to use modern technology. Sofia herself has started to learn to fly a helicopter, she finds the flying liberating[2].

Appearance and Attire[]

Sofia has pale skin, blue eyes and sports a distinctive head of red hair, which she ties into a series of intricate braids with small silver rings, and a bun at the back

Sofia is slightly taller than Lara, and has a slim build.

Sofia wears a green and brown tunic, lined with fur and chain mail, brown leather trousers and boots and finger less gloves, white gaiters. Her outfit also has several belts and gold patterns around the collar. She also wears a bronze gauntlet on her bow arm.


  • Combat Skills: Sofia was an excellent warrior, being more than capable of holding her own against Trinity goons.
    • Strategic Thinker: As the leader of the Remnants military, she was a brilliant tactician, and instructed troops that they had advantages over Trinity such as knowledge of the land and superior stealth, though she also knew that the fight would be long and they would need to wear down Trinity slowly before dispatching them.
  • Stealth: Sofia is very lightfooted and can evade multiple pursuers and sneak up on Lara with ease, and escape unseen and unheard in a matter of seconds. 
  • Hunting Skills: Sofia was an excellent hunter, she was even responsible for training younger hunters in the village.
  • Archery: Sofia is an excellent archer, able to rapidly place two shots in different targets, or safely fire a warning shot within several inches of Lara without hitting her, and being ready with another arrow by the time Lara turned around.


  • Jacob named Sofia after his first wife.
  • Sofia weilds the same recurve bow that Lara can carry in game, and has the hunter's quiver during her first appearance. 
  • Sofia is on board the helicopter during Cold Darkness Awakened, though has no dialogue.
  • If you go back to the world after finishing the story mode and fast travel via the campfires, you may get a message informing you that Sofia has taken the role of the leader of the Remnants, after her father's death. Lara even agrees, stating that she has "no doubt Sofia will make a fine leader."



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