Smythe was one of the sailors of the HMS Beagle who had been employed by Charles Darwin to travel the world to collect specimens and samples. He travelled with Stephen Barr, Paul Caulfield, Henderson and Jonson.


Sample CollectingEdit

"The snow's run out. The tracks 'ave gone."

Henderson (left) and Smythe (right) in Antarctic caves.

The job that Charles Darwin commissioned Smythe and his colleagues to do was not really in their interests; collecting samples for scientific curiosity. But as a paid job, Smythe and his fellow sailors accepted this commission and left London in the HMS Beagle. During the journey, the sailors became tired of constantly eating vegetable broth and wished to search for meat. For now, they would abandon the task they had been given. On arrival at Antarctica, the five men travel to the island in a smaller boat. They discover the tracks of a wolf and venture into some caves leading into the lost city of Tinnos, a Polynesian settlement. Carrying a lantern, Smythe leads the other sailors across a perilous ice bridge and into a dark cavern. There, they make a discovery. Four strangely carved artefacts. The sailors take these artefacts thinking about the money that they might be worth back in England. Suddenly, the creature that they were tracking appears and attacks Paul. Smythe, Henderson and Jonson flee back into the tunnel but Stephen stays to carry Paul's dying body. Smythe and the others beckon Stephen to hurry before the wolf comes back. As Stephen makes his way to where his colleagues are waiting on an ice bridge, the bridge collapses sending the sailors sliding through a tunnel and crashing through to the outdoors. Paul is dead. The four sailors bury his body and vow not to tell Darwin the truth about Paul's fate, or else they would be back on the strange island to hunt down the canine creature. The sailors leave, continuing their sample collecting across the world.

Curse of the ArtefactsEdit

"...we celebrate da death of heem. Da feast of Smythe."
―South Pacific Tribesman[src]
Ora Dagger

The Ora Dagger.

However, on arrival in the South Pacific Islands, the sailors experience hostile reception from the native tribesmen. They appeared to recognize the artefacts that the sailors were carrying, for they were the descendants of the Polynesians who had originally settled in Antarctica. Smythe is brutally killed and eaten by the tribesmen. From that moment onwards, the tribe in the South Pacific Islands would always celebrate an event called the Feast of Smythe. They also took his artefact, the Ora Dagger, and it fell into the hands of their god, Puna.


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  • The snow's run out. The tracks ave' gone.
  • C'mon Stephen!
  • Faster! C'mon!
  • Okay Stephen?