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The following is a walkthrough for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Cozumel Edit

  • A Faint Light
    • Climb out of the cave
  • In The Shadows
    • Find Dominguez
    • Follow Dominguez
    • Find another way in to the dig site
    • Investigate the area
    • Stop the execution
    • Find the temple entrance
  • Hunter's Moon
    • Explore the ruins
    • Get to the top of the pyramid
    • Exit the temple
    • Get through the dig site

Pyramid Puzzle Edit

From "Get to the top of the pyramid" objective
  1. Pull the cart onto the turntable
  2. Turn the turntable so that the cart is facing the debris
  3. Attach the cart to the pulley via Rope Arrow and hoist it as high as it will go
  4. Cut rope to let loose the cart, smashing through the debris
  5. Go back up the path a short ways to find a small ledge to the left
  6. Jump from ledge onto bell platform, then quickly jump from platform to partial rope ladder
  7. Climb up

Peruvian Jungle Edit

  • Rough Landing
    • Look for survivors
    • Head towards the flare
    • Search the area
    • Find a tool to cut down your gear
    • Cut the ropes holding your gear
    • Collect salvage to sharpen knife
    • Cut the ropes holding your gear
    • Retrieve your gear
    • Make it through the jaguar's territory
    • Defeat the jaguars
    • Find Jonah
    • Find Kuwaq Yaku
    • Go back to Jonah
  • Brave Adventurer
    • Enter the Castle
    • Find a way into the Forbidden Tomb
    • Find the White Queen
    • Free the White Queen
    • Cross the unknown threshold
  • Where the Twins Confer
    • Find Kuwaq Yaku
    • Burn the barrier
    • Find Kuwaq Yaku

Bridge puzzle Edit

From the first "Find Kuwaq Yaku" objective
  1. Proceed to the top of the ruins and push the pulley to make the water flow correctly
  2. Go down to the wheel below; Jonah will help Lara push it so water pours into the counterweight
  3. As the pulley system reacts, head below the ledge, essentially following where the piece of bridge lowers - this can be found to the right of the wheel, across the entry to the bridge, and over the wall. Here, a path leads down to the water, but be sure to move quickly, as the system will reset itself when Jonah tires.
  4. Fire a Rope Arrow at the far end of the bridge to attach it to the near end of the bridge.
  5. When the near end of the bridge rises, it will take the far end with it, and players can then cross.

White Queen puzzle Edit

From the "Find the White Queen" objective
  1. Go to the large globe in the room.
  2. Turn the right dial so the numbers line up with 30 North.
  3. Turn the left dial so the numbers line up with 90 East.
  4. Climb up the ladder and proceed to the next dial.
  5. Turn the dial so the plane's wings are completely unfurled.
  6. Return to the floor below.
  7. Align the chess-like pieces so the shields sit in the lit up circles.
  8. Raise the ladder by returning to the globe and using the right dial.
  9. Go behind where the ladder was and pull the White Queen onto the newly lit up circle.
  10. Enter into the now-open room.

Kuwaq Yaku Edit

  • Where the Twins Confer
    • Find the ruins
  • Path of the Living
    • Reach the Temple
    • Get past the Trinity forces
    • Infiltrate the Porvenir Camp
    • Investigate the oil well
    • Explore the Trinity excavation
    • Find a way to open the gate
  • Path of the Dead
    • Find another way out of the temple
    • Return to Kuwaq Yaku
    • Make your way through the hangar
    • Return to Kuwaq Yaku
    • Meet Jonah in the ruins
  • Path to the Hidden City
    • Complete the Trial of the Jaguar
    • Complete the Trial of the Spider

Gate puzzle Edit

From the "Find a way to open the gate" objective

Rotating the stones should result in the following, from top to bottom:

  • Four circles with a line underneath
  • Single circle
  • Three circles
  • Line only
  • Two circles with a line underneath

Trial of the Eagle Edit

  • Path to the Hidden City
    • Complete the Trial of the Eagle
    • Find the Hidden City

Trial of the Eagle puzzle Edit

  1. Begin by climbing the tower. Take care to avoid moving parts of the mechanism. Time jumps carefully.
  2. Move across the ledge to the right and then onto the climbing wall.
  3. Once on the wall, descend using Lara's rope onto the lower platform.
  4. Climb up the ledges to reach the next climbing wall, keeping to the right.
  5. Descend with the rope again, then swing to the next ledge.
  6. Climb up and use Rope Tethering on the mechanism.
  7. At the central rotating structure, wait until the ladder is directly in front of Lara, then leap to it and begin climbing.
  8. Climb onto the beam and wait until the rotating structure allows further ascension.
  9. Take the following beam from the ledge and wait atop it until close to the climbing point, then leap onto the point.
  10. Climb up, but wait for the mechanism to pass before proceeding into the hole in the wall of the right.
  11. Destroy the debris in the way by using a Rope Tether and pulling. This will reveal a lever.
  12. Fire another Rope Tether at the lever and pull. A passage opens to the right.
  13. To the left of the "sail" is a coil of ropes; fire another Rope Tether at the lever and attach it to the rope coil so it does not close the passage.
  14. Rope Tether the "sail" to the rope coil at the center of the tower.
  15. Begin climbing as before, making sure to avoid the mechanisms and waiting for opportune moments to climb and/or jump to walls and ledges.
  16. At the highest part, leap onto the climbing wall, then lower down via rope. Run and swing in order to reach the ledge on the right.
  17. Climb up and out.

The Hidden City Edit

  • Path to the Hidden City
    • Find the Serpent with the Silver Eye
  • The Hidden City
    • Join Unuratu in the Market District
    • Meet Etzli at the base of the mountain
    • Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel
    • Climb the Belly of the Serpent
    • Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel
    • Complete the Trial of the Serpent
    • Return to Unuratu's home
  • Eye of the Serpent
    • Enter the Mountain Temple
    • Find the Inner Stronghold
    • Open the Great Gate
    • Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

Trial of the Serpent puzzle Edit

From the "Complete the Trial of the Serpent" objective
  1. In the first chamber, use a Rope Tether on the lever to the left of the obstructed pathway. Pull to let loose a stream of oil.
  2. Open the flaming device to let loose the flames to burn down the debris blocking the passage.
  3. In the next chamber, the second column without the lever can be Rope Tethered to the first column with the lever; by rotating the levered column, the second will also rotate.
  4. The key is to rotate both such that the channel leading from the top of the stairs leads to the pattern at the first column, flowing to the pattern around the second column, and then to the obstructed passage.
  5. Once lined up, proceed back to the top of the stairs and Rope Tether + pull the level to the left of the mechanism. This enables oil to flow into the channels.
  6. Open the flaming device to light the oil channels on fire, destroying the debris.

Cenote Edit

  • Eye of the Serpent
    • Dive into the Cenote
    • Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel
    • Survive the ambush
    • Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel
    • Open the gate
  • Empty-Handed
    • Escape the Cenote

Ix Chel gate puzzles Edit

From the "Open the gate" objective
First puzzle
  1. Fire a Rope Tether across to the center serpent's head to attach it to the wheel.
  2. Turn the wheel so the serpent's head is facing to the right.
  3. Climb up the path to the right and jump onto the serpent's head before continuing up to the higher head.
  4. Destroy the crossbeams on the higher head, revealing the rope coil underneath.
  5. Defeat the ambusher that comes out from behind the serpent's head.
  6. Return to the wheel and turn the still-tethered serpent's head to the left. Cut the rope.
  7. Rope Tether the upper serpent's head and turn it so it is facing right at Lara, with water pouring into the lower serpent's head. Cut the rope.
  8. Rope Tether the lowest serpent's head. Turn it slightly so that it is lined up with the middle serpent's head.
  9. Deal with the ambushers that come out.
Second puzzle
  1. After dealing with the enemies, Rope Tether the left rope coil across the way and attach it to the wheel.
  2. Rotate the serpent's head so it is facing to the right. Cut the rope.
  3. Rope Tether the rope coil to the right and attach it to the wheel.
  4. Jump into the water below to destroy the braces holding the column in place, otherwise it will not turn. Beware the mobs there and back.
  5. Begin rotating the serpent's head to the right to unlock the cutscene.

The Hidden City return Edit

  • Rebellion Lives
    • Return to Unuratu's home
    • Find the rebel cave
    • Meet Etzli in Upper Paititi
    • Enter the Temple of Kukulkan
    • Enter Unuratu's prison cell
  • Last Emperor
    • Explore the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa
    • Defeat the Cultist warriors
    • Find Jonah

Porvenir Oil Fields Edit

  • Downpour
    • Find Jonah
    • Defeat Trinity

Mission of San Juan Edit

  • Via Veritas
    • Find the secret crypt
    • Find the Heron and Eclipse
    • Find the cross
  • Via Crucis
    • Follow the Stations of the Cross
    • Swim to safety
  • Veni Vidi Perdidi
    • Get through the Trinity forces
  • City of the Serpent
    • Talk to Etzli
    • Go to the Crimson Fire
    • Defeat Trinity

Secret crypt puzzle Edit

From the "Find the secret crypt" objective
  1. Enter the building and go upstairs. Rounding the corner at the top, go to the far left corner of the structure. Break the wall. (The room before the one with the stained glass window.) Examine.
  2. Back downstairs, smash apart the wall that is on the same side as the entrance. This should roughly line up with the bottom of the stairs, which is on the opposite side. Examine.
  3. Go the wall painting that is to the right of the stairs. Smash the wall to uncover the new mural beneath.
  4. Turn around and run directly to the opposite side of the building. Smash the wall there to reveal the cross.
  5. After the cutscene, players will be in a small basement. Drag the closest mirror into the shaft of light coming down, lining up the reflected with the mirror on the wall until the chamber opens beyond.
  6. At the feet of the Virgin Mary, talk to Jonah for a boost up to clean the mirror.
  7. In the next chamber after the cutscene, rotate the closest mirror, lining it up with the wall mirror on the left.
  8. Push the mechanism to fall into the chamber below.
  9. In the following chamber, proceed forward after the cutscene and rotate the mirror to the left. Interact with the mechanism that is revealed.
  10. Cross the room and push that cross into the beam of light, then rotate it two stations to the left. Interact with the revealed machanism. The crypt will open.
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