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Set (also Seth or Sutekh) is the Egyptian god of evil, chaos and the desert. He is often represented as being a large humanoid with the head of an unknown animal, that is typically referred to as the "Set Animal" though in-game, he is heavily associated with Jackals and thus has the head of one. 

He is the main antagonist of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

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When the god Osiris was the ruler of Egypt, his brother Set also desired dominion over the land. After murdering Osiris, Set had that dominion. He enslaved the other gods. But when Egypt was no longer sufficient for him he disappeared into the land of the dead to muster an army to one day take the entire world.


Over a millennia later, Lara Croft believes that she is the first to arrive at a recently uncovered temple dedicated to Set, god of chaos. However, an up-and-coming archaeologist called Carter Bell is there first. They were both searching for one relic in particular. The Staff of Osiris.

However, upon removing the staff, they discover that the temple is also a prison used to contain the gods Horus and Isis; nephew and sister of Set. The time is now ripe for Set's return as he unleashes his armies of the dead. Lara, Carter, Horus and Isis unite in order to prevent Set from reshaping the world.

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