Sergei Mikhailov was the leader of a Russian mafia, and an ex KGB agent, which was searching for the Spear of Destiny.

In their search, Sergei had bribed Admiral Igor Yarofev of the Russian navy to use one of their submarines. While under the sea Sergei ordered Yarofev to tell his men to search the U-Boat. But it was the intruder, Lara Croft, which uncovered the Spear first. Lara arrived back at the submarine and Sergei was waiting for her. He managed to acquire the Spear from Lara, despite her protests that it was too powerful and dangerous, leaving her in a disadvantaged situation and ordered his men to eject her out of the submarine. Before they could do so, the powers of the Spear destroyed Sergei and eventually the submarine in which Lara escapes.


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