Rodrigo is the assistant or Zolton. Rodrigo helped Zolton in finding the tomb of Moctezuma I. Rodrigo had his own agenda though, he is the emissary for the Aztec Resurrection Association, tasked with resurrecting king Moctezuma. After obtaining the Scarlet Scarab, Rodrigo placed it onto Moctezuma, which revived him, Rodrigo then pointed him to his first sacrifice, Zolton. In the chase Lara Croft lead Moctezuma back to his sarcophagus, with the intent to lock him in it again, but Rodrigo stepped in her way threatening her with a gun. Lara didn't care for it and kicked Rodrigo into the sarcophagus along with Moctezuma, which then closed and fell over the ledge, locking them both in the tomb.