Endurance Mode

Endurance Mode is a survival mode in Rise of the Tomb Raider under Expeditions.

Gameplay Edit

The player must survive the wilderness of Siberia by maintaining body heat and hunting for food to avoid starving, all while searching ruins and crypts to search for Relics.

Enemies will become more dangerous and food will become more scarce as the days go on, to the point where rabbits and squirrels will be absent and only wolves and bears will be present to eat.

Co-Op Edit

On October 11th, Crystal Dynamics will release a new co-op mode to Endurance Mode.

Players will not die instantly unless they fall into a trap, giving teamates a chance to revive them.

Players will always play as Lara, though they will see player two as Nadia on their screen.

Map Edit

The map is a procedural generated forest filled with tombs caves and other locations to be scavenged for relics. According to Crystal Dynamics, the size of the map is made up of 100 hexagonal segments, with 60 foot sides to each hexagon.

The map is filled with enemies such as predatory animals and Trinity soldiers, who become even more deadly as the days pass, to the point where the getting food will mean the player has to fight wolves or a bear.

Trivia Edit

  • Many people have compared endurance mode to the game Don't Starve.
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