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Blood Ties is a story DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It is set between The Prologue in Syria and Lara's search for Kitezh in Siberia.


After leaving Syria, Lara returns to England, going back to her family home for the first time in years, to find the cross in her father's research. While there, she receives a letter from her uncle, Atlas, who as executor of the estate claims that she has no legal claim over the manor, as no will was made, and since her mother had disappeared her death was not technically declared. As such, she must vacate the manor. Lara believes that her father left a will and that it is locked in his safe. Lara finds a note which gives clues to the combination. She searches the house in an attempt to find more clues to the combination, while reminiscing about her childhood.

Lara discovers that her mother's death was the catalyst that led to her father becoming obsessed with immortality, and that he had found her body and brought it home. He searched for a way to resurrect her, though to no avail.

Finding all the clues, Lara opens her father's safe and finds no will, however, she finds a sheet of paper which leads her to a secret passage, which brings her to a hidden lab, with her father's research. Lara finds a final clue, that leads her to a tomb hidden within the manor grounds, where her mother is interred. Lara finds a note from her mother, saying that she loves her and that they will always be connected.

Lara has the grave verified, legally declaring her mother's death and granting her full control of the Croft family assets. She has the documentation sent to her uncle. In the meantime she continues to research the cross she saw in Syria before heading to Siberia.

Lara returns to Croft Manor, after leaving Siberia finding a letter from her Uncle. He informs her that with her mother's death verified, his claim for the Manor has been rendered null and void. He asks her to contact him if she requires assistance running the estate.

Lara realises that she'd been too focused on defying her uncle to see how much the manor meant to her. Wanting to honour her parents as well as the rest of her ancestors she promises to restore her family name to its former glory.


Easter Eggs[]

The Blood Ties DLC was filled with easter eggs for fans to find, including:

  • Lord Croft's secret research room code is 142, which can be deciphered as a date, 14th of February, Lara's birthday.
  • Turning on the gramophone in the Library will cause the track "Venice Violins" from Tomb Raider II to start playing.
  • A stuffed Dinosaur can be found in the Library's window seat.
  • A note from Winston to Lara's father stating that Lara locked him in the walk in freezer, something that many players did when at Croft manor in Tomb Raider II and III.
  • A photo of Lara as a child wearing a blue dress (Lara says she did not like wearing dresses but did like the blue color on her...a nod to her original outfits of blue or blue-green top/swimsuit).
  • A mention of her mother being engaged to an "Earl of Farringdon" (Lara was engaged to the Earl in her previous bio).
  • Lara's Recurve and Competition bows from Tomb Raider will be hanging above the safe during the aftermath.
  • Several of the relics Lara can find are obvious references to the adventures of Previous incarnations of Lara.
    • A jade figurine of a dragon, which Lara's father found in China believing it to be linked to the Temple of Xian. (Lara mentions possibly looking into it.)
    • An Egyptian Ankh, possibly a reference to the Amulet of Horus from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.
    • A Golden Rose, a reference to the collectibles from Tomb Raider Chronicles.
    • A bust of Anubis, possibly referencing any of the times Lara has travelled to Egypt.



  • Sir Reginald, one of the suits of armour, first appeared in issue 9, of Dark Horse's Tomb Raider Comics, where Lara had taken his helmet off to wear.
  • Roth's twin pistols and the broken sword of the Stormguard General, are featured as relics in this DLC.
  • Lara will always wear the Leather Jacket outfit during the search but will change into the Blue Henley top during the aftermath.