Single Shot Rifles are one of the least recurring weapon types in the Tomb Raider series.

Legend Timeline Edit

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Edit

Three Sniper Rifles can be unlocked. The Bolt Action Rifle, The Fast Action Rifle and the High Power Single Shot Rifle.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Edit

Several types of Rifle appear can be unlocked and used, including several enchanted or enhanced weapons.

Survivor Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider (2013) Edit

Roth finds a Gewehr 43. It can be seen at his camp, after meeting up with him again after sending the distress signal. Talking to him before going to find the co-pilot of the crashed plane, Roth says, that he found it along with ammunition. He says that he needs to get it working though. He later uses it to provide cover fire to Lara, while she crosses the bridge to the palace.

Multiplayer Edit

The Solarii Faction can make use of the "Marksman Rifle" which is an M14, limited to Semi-Automatic Fire.
Bolt Action Rifle

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

Unlike the preceding story, the narrative programming mandates the player seeking high completion percentage to have all rifles irreversibly silenced. The "award" of permanently silenced rifle weaponry is given to Lara by a Remnant military headman.

Lara can find the parts for build a new Bolt Action Rifle in (Soviet) Siberia while searching for Kitezh.

The bolt action rifle can be selected at any base camp, and switched for any other weapon in the "Rifle" category. It appears to be based on a Remington 700 or a Winchester Model 70.


Bolt Action Rifle: Single shot rifle that deals heavy damage.

Goldenfang: Gilded bolt action rifle that strikes with deadly force.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Match Grade Barrel 4 (?) cloth
12 (?) salvage
Precision milled barrel allows shots to fire with no disruption in trajectory for increased damage.
Padded Stock 5 (?) cloth
11 (?) hide
A more comfortable stock reduces kickback for increased recoil stability.
Barrel Extension 4 oil
12 salvage
Crafting Tool required.
A longer barrel allows for a more precise shot, resulting in increased damage.
Polished Bolt 4 (5) cloth
13 (15) salvage
Crafting Tool required.
A polished firing mechanism results in less jams for a faster reload speed.
Custom Grip 16 (20) hide
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool required.
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Chromoly Barrel 15 (18) salvage
4 (4) chromite ore
Enhancement Tool; Match Grade Barrel required.
A super smooth barrel means shots fire with no resistance for increased damage.
Lubricated Bolt 19 (23) salvage
1 (1) boar fat
Enhancement Tool; Polished Bolt required.
Smoother bolt motion increases reload speed.
Custom Bolt Handle 19 (23) salvage
5 (5) mechanical parts
Refinement Tool; Lubricated Bolt required.
Bolt with refined grip contouring increases reload speed.
Custom Stock 5 (6) wood
20 (24) hide
1 (1) deer antler
Refinement Tool; Padded Stock required.
A custom-fit stock allows for a more natural hold and decreased recoil.
  • (x) = Survivor Cost

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Edit

Once again the rifle is under the rifle section of the weapons along with assault rifles.

Redding Bolt-Action: An old bolt action rifle with accurate sights. Deals high damage.

Upgrade Requirements Cost Effect
Modified Firing Pin 1 Salvage
1 Fat
Smoothed firing pin allows for increased rate of fire.
Large Magazine 2 Salvage
1 Hide
A larger magazine allows more rounds to be fired before needing to reload.
Padded Stock 2 Cloth
2 Hide
A hide-wrapped stock increases comfort and reduces kickback for increased recoil stability.
Lubricated Bolt 2 Salvage
2 Fat
Smoother bolt motion increases reload speed.
Match Grade Barrel 2 Salvage
2 Black Powder
Precision milled barrel allows rounds to fire with no disruption in trajectory, for increased damage.
Polished Bolt Requires:
Modified Firing Pin
2 Cloth
2 Salvage
2 Fat
A polished firing mechanism results in less jams for a faster rate of fire.
Custom Bolt Handle Requires:
Lubricated Bolt
3 Salvage
2 Hide
Bolt with refined grip contouring increases reload speed.
Chromoly Barrel Requires:
Match Grade Barrel
Raposa's Wit
4 Salvage
3 Black Powder
A chrome plated barrel means rounds fire without resistance, for increased damage.
Polished Ejector Requires:
Polished Bolt
Raposa's Wit
3 Cloth
3 Salvage
2 Fat
The shell ejector is improved to decrease jamming and improve rate of fire.