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"I've acquired new evidence that leads me to believe it is the Scion itself that is in some strange way, a vast library of information to rival even Alexandria. I am now convinced that, if I can obtain it, I will finally discovered what happened to my beloved Amelia."

Richard James[3] Croft, 10th Earl of Abbingdon,[2] was a famous archaeologist. As the son of R.J. Croft,[3] he inherited his title from his father. Richard was tutored at Eton in anthropology and archaeology. He used his family's money on numerous expeditions to support his hypothesis of a base culture predating known history[4]. Richard Croft married Amelia DeMornay,[2] and had a daughter just a year after the marriage, named Lara. After Amelia's disappearance, Richard kept Lara at his side and sought to find his wife, embarking on a quest for the Scion of Atlantis[4] and attempting to locate and infiltrate Helheim.[3] Richard was friends with Professor Peter Eddington from Cavendish Laboratory, with whom he shared his findings.[3] Richard agreed to work with Jacqueline Natla, but betrayed her upon learning of her motives, resulting in her killing him in Cambodia.[3] A body was found but could not be definitively identified, resulting in a legal battle for his estates between Lara and Richard's brother, Errol Croft.[2]

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