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Revisioned: Tomb Raider Animated Series (otherwise known as Re\Visioned Tomb Raider Animated Series) is a ten-part animated series based on the Tomb Raider series, telling several original stories based on Lara Croft, voiced by Minnie Driver for nine of the ten episodes.

The series began airing shortly after the release of Tomb Raider: Anniversary on July 10, 2007 on GameTap TV, a video game rental and video streaming service operated by TBS and later by Metaboli. The series concluded on November 13, 2007 and following the closure of GameTap, all episodes were made available for free to watch on YouTube.

Episode Guide[]

The series consists of 10 episodes, averaging about six minutes each.

No. Title Original Airdate Designs Writer
01 "Keys to the Kingdom (Part 1)" July 10, 2007 Peter Chung Peter Chung
Lara Croft is drawn into a web of religious intrigue and assassins when an archaeologist is murdered just after he claims to have discovered a way to bring the dead back to life.
02 "Keys to the Kingdom (Part 2)" July 11, 2007 Peter Chung Peter Chung
Same as part 1.
03 "Keys to the Kingdom (Part 3)" July 12, 2007 Peter Chung Peter Chung
Same as part 1.
04 "Revenge of the Aztec Mummy" July 19, 2007 David Álvarez Brian Pulido
Hijinks ensue when Lara Croft stumbles upon the resurrection of Moctezuma, an Aztec mummy.
05 "Angel Spit (Part 1)" July 26, 2007 Cully Hamner Warren Ellis
Lara Croft ventures to Antarctica in search of a mysterious substance that has the capability to cure any disease, but what dark secret does the substance also hold?
06 "Angel Spit (Part 2)" July 26, 2007 Cully Hamner Warren Ellis
Same as part 1.
07 "Lara Croft: Legacy" August 2, 2007 Ivan Reis Brian Pulido
Lara Croft's search for an ancient scepter leads her to a monastery where she must survive an army of half-man/half-beast creatures.
08 "Pre-Teen Raider" August 9, 2007 Six Point Harness Gail Simone
Lara Croft wasn't always one of the world's most successful Tomb Raiders. See how a twelve-year-old Lara honed her craft during her early years at the Croft Academy.
09 "Raising Thaumopolis" August 16, 2007 Louie del Carmen Michael A. Stackpole
Lara Croft must solve three ancient challenges in order to claim the ultimate prize when she discovers the lost underwater city of Thaumopolis.
10 "A Complicated Woman" November 13, 2007 Jim Lee Jim Lee, Christos N. Gage
While recovering the ancient Treasure of Perseus, three treasure hunters tell the tale of how each of them killed Lara Croft... or did they?

Animation Styles[]

Each arc uses a different style of animation, leading to each one having a very different tone and atmosphere. The first three episodes use an OVA anime style, similar to the series Hellsing Ultimate. Episode 4 uses a style that is much more comical and upbeat, very similar to that of a Loony Toons short. The fifth and sixth episodes begin with narration over still images, which transition into pages of a book. The rest of the episode is styled somewhat similar in a manner to the series Archer. Episode 7 is presented in the style of classic cinema, complete with a grainy audio track. The animation style is similar to Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka. Episode 8 uses a style that is very similar to that of American cartoon, Kim Possible. Episode 9 is more akin to a children's cartoon, and Minnie Driver is temporarily replaced by Peta Johnson, who voiced Scarlet in a previous episode. The final episode uses the style of a motion comic, complete with onomatopoeic lettering for actions, and scene transitions via panels.




  • Gail Simone, who wrote the eighth episode, would later go on to write the Tomb Raider comics for Dark Horse, penning the first six issues on her own, then working with Rhianna Pratchett for the six that followed.
  • This is the first Tomb Raider animated series, and would be followed by a Tomb Raider anime for Netflix.
  • Unlike the Netflix anime, which takes place following Shadow of the Tomb Raider, this series is completely non-canonical. Each episodes arc takes place within its own universe.
  • Only two arcs, Keys to the Kingdom and Angel Spit, take place over multiple episodes.
  • The promotional art for the series includes Lara Croft from Tomb Raider: Legend, though this incarnation of Lara is not featured in this series.
  • The series was produced by GameTap. They also produced a special documentary that was part of the special edition of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The documentary was voiced by Keeley Hawes and included notable Tomb Raider fans including Katie Fleming.
  • The writers of the series were notable comic book writers, and included Warren Ellis, Brian Pulido (writer of Lara Croft: Legacy), Peter Chung, Jim Lee and Gail Simone.
  • The writing staff were given great creative freedom of what their episodes would entail, but were given basic guidelines so Lara would not act out of character.
  • Revisioned was intended to have multiple series, with each one focusing on a new game franchise. However, due to the closure of the GameTap service by their parent company, TBS, this is the first and only Revisioned series.