Qualopec was one of the three rulers of Atlantis (alongside Tihocan and Natla). After the attack which Natla set upon himself and Tihocan, his legs were disabled, from then towards his eventual death he moved around in a mechanical frame. After his death, Qualopec's piece of the Atlantean Scion rests along with him in his tomb in Peru.

In Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Qualopec is brother to Natla whereas in the original, there was no indication that the rulers of Atlantis were related to each other.


Qualopec along with Tihocan both sentenced Natla to eternal imprisonment for misusing her power of the Scion in an attempt to create genetic mutations and for using the army of Atlantis against them. He and Tihocan were present at her incarceration in present day New Mexico, USA. They then sealed her piece of the Scion within the city of Khamoon in a sanctuary. In Anniversary it was revealed that he is actually Natla's brother, and that it was her who caused him his physical inability.

After the destruction of Atlantis, he escaped to Peru, where he presumably tried to re-establish his civilization. The result was the birth of the Incas. He died and was entombed beneath Vilcabamba, the last Incan stronghold city still facing his piece of the Scion, with his guards mummified by his side. The knowledge of this tomb was lost, believed to be somewhere in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

In Anniversary it is also revealed that he was in fact still alive in his tomb, waiting for someone to steal his piece of the scion, however, he was only awakened when the entrance to the throne room collapsed.


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Natla's Imprisonment

  • "We condemn you, Natla of Atlantis, for your crimes. For your flagrant misuse of your powers and for robbing us of our..."
  • "Breaking the free bond of consent that our people are ruled and secured under, and invading Tihocan and myself with our army. Our warriors emptied from our pyramid so that you could use the pyramid -- its powers of creation -- for your own mindless destruction!"
  • "Let's just do it."