Qin Shihuang was the first Emperor of Imperial China and a notable user of the Dagger of Xian.


The Dragon EmperorEdit


The Emperor breathes out deadly flames at an enemy.

By plunging the Dagger of Xian into his heart, Emperor Qin Shihuang transformed into a large dark red fire breathing dragon and the strength of his army enhanced. Their appearance was altered too; reptilian features and fanged teeth. With the dagger plunged into his heart, the Emperor had achieved immortality, but at the price of his own humanity. The only way to kill the Emperor was to remove the dagger from his heart. The dragon Emperor and his army then made many conquests over the vast lands that are China. They were an unstoppable force. But it was their battle at the Great Wall with the Tibetan monks that would be their failing. In this battle, it appeared as if the Emperor and his army had won yet again, as they marched onwards to the surviving monks. The monks were helpless against these super men and their dragon Emperor. However, as the Emperor was burning a monk to his death at a guardhouse on the wall, an injured monk below looked up and saw something glowing a bright red in the scaled body. With renewed strength, the monk heaved himself up with effort and reached out for the red glow. Clutched in his hand he saw the Dagger of Xian. The Emperor roared in terror and let out one final breath of fire, killing the monk in seconds. Silence enveloped the battlefield. Both warriors and monks ceased fighting and looked on in shock at what had just taken place. The dragon Emperor's body began to dissolve leaving only bones. His warriors no longer had their enhanced strength and were no longer the force that people had reason to fear. Presumably, the warriors were then driven out by the Tibetan monks. Later, the Emperor had one final trick up his sleeve, even in death. By returning the dagger to its resting place at the Emperor's palace, another monk was killed by an intense blast of light and energy.

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