Prologue starts Tomb Raider: Underworld, showing Croft Manor in the rain, it then explodes as you begin. You then find Lara in her bedroom having to escape her burning home. Your objective is to reach the living room where you find an injured Zip being helped by Winston Smith. Zip then tries to shoot Lara where she cries out. The screen then changes to Lara on her yacht with the title "One Week Earlier".

After the Thailand expedition you return to Croft Manor and eventually play out the prologue again.


  • During the prologue, when the player reaches the point in which you jump down next to the fireplace, initiating the cutscene leading to the Mediterranean Sea. If one jumps across the hearth of the fireplace and lands in front of the fireplace, yet facing Zip's technology room, one can climb up the fireplace and jump into the area, which initiates the cutscene for Southern Mexico, therefor skipping at least half of the game. It is a glitch used by many speed runners.