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"This isn't life Mademoiselle, it's business!"
―Pierre DuPont[src]

Pierre DuPont is a character from the Tomb Raider series. He first appears in the original game as a mercenary  hired by Jacqueline Natla to retrieve the Atlantean Scion from the tomb of Tihocan, in Greece. He returns for the fifth game, Tomb Raider: Chronicles.

Biography Edit

Pierre Dupont was born in Nantes, France, in 1951. In 1996, he works with Larson in an attempt to acquire the Philosopher's Stone in Rome. He meets with Lara Croft during an opera performance to exchange the Mercury Stone for money. As Lara prepares to hand over a suitcase full of cash, Pierre holds Lara at gunpoint - planning on taking the money and keeping the stone. However, as Larson and Pierre prepare to leave, Lara kicks the stone out of Pierre's hand and jumps off the balcony onto the stage, escaping the opera house. A chase ensues, and is ended when Pierre and Larson crash their car into a half closed gate. Larson and Pierre continue to stalk Lara throughout Rome as she collects three more stones to open a gateway that will lead her to the Philosopher's Stone. Inside the Coliseum, Lara slips off a ledge with Pierre standing right above her. She agrees not to lay a finger on him if he helps her up, but catches him off guard with a "boo" causing Pierre to slip off the ledge.

In late 1996, Pierre is hired by Jacqueline Natla to find the second part of the Scion artifact in Greece. However, he is followed into St Francis' Folly by Lara, and attempts to kill her on a number of occasions. After Lara arrives at the Tomb of Tihocan, she encounters Pierre and the two engage in a gunfight for the piece of the Scion - the fight ending with Lara as the victor.


In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb RaiderEdit

Tomb Raider: ChroniclesEdit


Tomb RaiderEdit

Lara encounters Pierre

  • "A little late for the prize giving, no? Still, it is the taking part which counts."

Tomb Raider: ChroniclesEdit

At the Opera House

  • "No need for unpleasantaries, Miss Croft. I'm afraid I must, once again, relieve you of your burden."

Chasing Lara in a Taxi

  • "We'll make it."
  • "We'll make it!"
  • "Mon Dieu!"