For the guide in Tomb Raider (1996) see Carlos page.

Unnamed Peruvian guide is a character in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.


The guide was traveling with Lara Croft through the Andes in Peru to recover a trinket from the unfound Tomb of Qualopec. And so, Carlos helped lead Lara through the mountains to discover an entrance to some caves. The bridge that the guide crossed collapsed, he tried to help Lara, but the rope was too short, Lara found her own way though, by scaling the mountain.

Upon activating the opening mechanism of the large stone doors, several pairs of eyes appeared in the darkness. The guide recognizes what lies ahead. A pack of wolves. He panics and attempts to flee. But the wolves are too quick and they easily catch him. Lara, perched up above the doors with the opening mechanism, is unable to help the man in time as he is mauled to death by the vicious wild dogs. Returning to the ground, Lara swiftly dispatches the wolves and avenges him. Afterwards, Lara checks his body. He is indeed dead.