"I Think Amanda Might Not Have Died Down There"
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Peru - Return to Paraíso is the second level of Tomb Raider: Legend.


Peru- Return to Paraiso is the second level of Tomb Raider: Legend which chronicles Lara following her
Tr7 excalibur sm

Lara holding the monumental copy of Excalibur in front of the Queen Of Tiwanaku's Sarcophagus

discovery of the stone dais in Tiwanaku Bolivia and meeting James Rutland Jr. heading back to Paraiso Peru after hearing about old believed dead friend Amanda Evert.

Lara meets friend Anaya there and then heads to the Paraiso digsite of which her and a handful of university friends including Amanda dug at and uncovered an underground tomb belonging to that of the Queen of Tiwanaku.

Lara Arrives in ParaisoEdit

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Lara arrives in Paraiso

Lara arrives in Paraiso and doesn't meet a warm welcome as many of the townspeople quickly retreat to their homes and shut their homes and windows.

Lara then meets Anaya in the Markeplace by the Peruvian Flag and monumental statue.

Rutland's mercernaries then arrive on truck and attack Lara and Anaya.

Anaya takes off in her yellow jeep as Lara stays behind to ward them off.

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Lara dons one of Rutland's men's motorcycle to catch up with Anaya

Lara then heads from the rooftops to the dirty road highway where she obtains a motorcycle from one of Rutland's men.

Lara then catches up with some of Rutland's men in their trucks pursuing Anaya.

Lara eliminates the trucks and joins Anaya in her jeep as they come to the Paraiso Digsite which her, believed dead friend Amanda and a handful of other university friends dug at.

Lara's FlashbackEdit

Lara then remembers herself at the digsite at age nineteen with Amanda as they entered the tomb that they have been researching. Amanda urges Lara to hurry as the team leader, Jason, says that they are about to break through. Lara refuses at first, citing "structural concerns" with the entry rope; she eventually relents, only to have the rope break as Lara climbs down.

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Lara flees from the Demon

Lara makes her way through a darkened tunnel while following Amanda's voice, using flares to light the way and swinging over a sinkhole. As she reaches Amanda, the girl suddenly screams in horror as one of the team members, Eva, is thrown against a wall by an unseen force and causes a tunnel collapse that separates Lara from the others. Lara finds an alternate route, and is shocked and horrified to discover Sarah lying dead on the floor. Lara finds her way into the next room, where she finds Oscar's dead body and a still-living Kent behind a barred door. He doesn't know exactly what killed his friend, only that it is coming for him. Lara drops down into the tunnel with him, only to witness his death at the hands of some kind of demon and barely escape it herself. She sees Amanda behind another gate, who tells her that Jason and the others are all dead before she is forced to flee as the Force Monster chases and kills Phillip.

Lara then finally catches up with Amanda in a room with a sealed door with
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Amanda attempts to unlace her shoe as it becomes tied to the boulder with the room flooding

a mysterious artefact lodged at its centre.

Amanda in quickened panic removes the artefact believing it may open the door.

It instead vanquishes the demon temporarily as it is about to lunge at Lara.

The tomb then begins to collapse as soon as Amanda pulls the Artefact out of the wall. Knowing this is a trap Lara, who was the one closest to the exit, got to it first. As Amanda ran to the gate it closed as she was about enter it, a huge boulder falling onto her foot in the process. Lara turned back to help Amanda but the gate closed on Lara as she tried to make her way back. In her hopes that Amanda will escape, Lara kept the gate open while Amanda struggled to unlace her shoe. Only until the water raised above their heads and more boulders fell onto Amanda did Lara swim away, thinking she was dead.

After escaping, Lara sealed off the tomb, claiming never to unearth it again, thinking of it as a memorial to all of the people they have lost there.

The Tiwanaku Queen's SarcophagusEdit

Tr7 stone sphere sm

Lara rolls one of the three spheres of the tomb staircase

The scene is then taken back to present day as Lara enters the digsite the same way the water that flooded the tomb did.

She enters and finds Amanda's untied shoe to the boulder which had pinned her down confirming her survival.

Lara then presses on and comes to the tomb of the Tiwanaku Queen.

There the finds the ceremonial copy of the Queen's excalibur and learns of the King Arthur's legend's connection to everything.

Lara then asks of Zip to schedule a meeting with Yakuza leader Shogo Takamota in order to obtain the Excalibur sword fragment of which he stole from Waseda University.

Rutland's men then enter the tomb and are taken care of Lara as she heads to the surface and saves Anaya.


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Allies EncounteredEdit

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Locales VisitedEdit

  • Peru


  • 8x Bronze Reward
  • 2x Silver Reward
  • 1x Gold Reward
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