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Peru is a country in western South America.


Original Timeline[]

Lara Croft firstly visited this location to find Qualopec's piece of the Scion. Years later she visited the Amazonas region, to find the Nightmare Stone from Quaxet Temple.

Legend Timeline[]

Lara Croft was part of an excavation in Paraíso. Lara thought herself to be the only survivor, after the Unknown Entity killed most of the group.

Lara returned to Peru to search for a piece of the Atlantean Scion in Vilcabamba. After a fight with a T-Rex, she found the Scion at the Tomb of Qualopec.

Lara returned once more to Peru to visit the dig site at Paraíso to find clues of Amanda Evert's fate.

Survivor Timeline[]

Lara Croft and Jonah Maiava traveled to Peru in search of Silver Box of Ix Chel. They survived a plane crash and reached Kuwaq Yaku, from there they followed the clues and reached the hidden city Paititi. Not finding the Box there only more clues, they followed them to Mission of San Juan. They found the box but lost it to Pedro Dominguez. They then returned to Paititi, where Lara fought Dominguez, and stopped the apocalypse.

In-Game Appearances[]

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