The Periapt Shards are artefacts found in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. They are crystalline shards, shaped like spearheads. In an ancient drawing these three shards surround a lion head. The lion is probably the Golden Lion mentioned in the prophecy of the Nephilim.

There are only three Periapt Shards. They were in the possession of the Lux Veritatis who used them to stop Pieter Van Eckhardt for centuries. It is said that only Periapt Shards can stop Eckhardt for good. They were entrusted to Konstantin Heistuurm for a time, but after Pieter Van Eckhardt returned, and killed Konstantin, the shards were sent to Kurtis Trent.

In 2003, Lara Croft found the first one in the Louvre, it seems that Kurtis Trent lost it, but he managed to get the Obscura Painting from her. Kurtis used his second shard to kill the Proto-Nephilim. Lara decided to trust Kurtis and gave him his shard back, but they soon were trapped in the room with mutated Boaz. Kurtis then gave his two shards to Lara, so she could stop Eckhardt and took on Boaz himself. The third shard was found in Eckhardt's Lab, where Eckhardt kept it safe in a pool of boiling water which Lara had to cool down before she got it.

When Lara confronted Eckhardt, she stabbed him with two of them, but the third was used by Joachim Karel.