Ostercy (John-Paul  Janson De Couët) is a British member of the fanfiction community and has been involved in the Tomb Raider fandom since 1996.

Timeline Below is a partial timeline of this author's involvement in the Laraverse.

1996 - Banned from Croft Times discussion forums
1997 - First Tomb Raider story written
1999 - Fan fiction page "Ostercy's TR Fables" founded [1], featuring artwork by Agnes Heyer [2],[3]
2000 - Foundation of Dark Cafe [4]
2001 - Organises first official fan fiction writing competition (The First Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition) [5]
2001 - Stories posted at Tales of Power and Beauty
2002 - The Second Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition [6]
2003 - Administrator for a short time at the Village of Tokakeriby fan forum
2003 - Judge of Tomb Raiders Community Network 2003 Tomb Raider Story Competition
2004-2006 - no time for Lara due to hideous real life job
2007 (June) - The Third Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition [7]
2007 (July) - Begins a debate about the content of the GameTap TR Webcasts [6] and about the administration of ("KatieGate")
2007 (July) - Banned from official Eidos TR forums, and Katie Fleming TR forums
2007 (July) - Writes "Audience" to celebrate 10 years in fan fiction :)
2007 (November) - The Fourth Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition [7]
2007 onwards - working on an autobiography of Natla (TR1 version)

2010 - The Fifth Village of Tokarkeriby TR Story Competition [10]

2011 - The Sixth Village of Tokakeriby TR Story competition [11]

2011 - Finished two volumes of Natla "autobiography" - The Atlantean Way and The United States Of Atlantis

2012 The Seventh Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition [12]

2012 - Founds Classic Tomb Raider club at Facebook [13]

2012 - Leads resistance to rebooting of Lara Croft character [14]

2015- Replaced as Admin of Tomb Raider Wikia whilst working on UK Labour's 2015 election campaign.


Membership Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists this person belonged to at some point.

The Croft Times [8]

Dark Cafe [9]

The Croft Codex [10]


Tomb Raider Fables

A Tomb in the Earth;

1. Olympus Mons (1997)

2. Byzantium (1998)

3. GM (1999)

4. England, my England (2000)

5. An Icon of the Prophet (2001)

6. The Dead (2002)

Crossovers with Tim Radley;

Crocodile tears (Lara and Angel)
Plastic fantastic (Lara and Barbie)


The Streets Are Not Enough
Audience (2007)

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