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Osiris is one of Several gods, who exists in a parallel plane to earth. He is the Egyptian God of the Afterlife and The Dead.

He has grown frustrated, that he is no longer believed in, and hatched a plan, to abolish the modern religions of earth, and set himself up as the one true god in the eyes of the people.

He was unintentionally set upon the world by Lara Croft, who used the Ankh of Osiris which caused him to go into a statue. However after destroying the statue, he inhabited the body of a young man who had recently died.

He tricks Lara into travelling to his plane of existence to prevent her from stopping his plans. However, Lara returns in time to stop him. He sadly relents that he will never again be seen as a god, and exist only as a myth.

Powers Edit

  • Possession: He was able to take possession of a human host. When Lara destroyed his statue body, he was able to transfer his essence into a nearby, recently deceased, man's body and use it as his vessel.
  • Necromancy: Upon receiving the Ankh he had immense powers of necromancy, mediumship, death and resurrection.
  • Teleportation: He was able to teleport from place to place, when the Cabal turned on each other, while the reporter was trying to expose him.